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31 Oct 2023

Best Wood Deck Designs to Elevate your Backyard

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Have you decided to give your backward a stylish makeover? Well, it’s time to start looking for some great decking ideas.

Worry not; BluEntCAD has compiled a list of the best wood deck designs to elevate your backyard to the next level. You might have already imagined the deck pattern, style, and design that serves the purpose and fits your budget. However, whether you want a plain patio or a multi-level wood deck, it can’t be a DIY project for present-day homeowners. Redecorating a space is tougher than it seems.

Even the most reputed residential contractors and home designers involve decks and patio engineering specialists to get millwork shop drawings for design plans.

Surely, you would like your unique personal style to reflect in your outdoor space. But the choice of deck material and design is what you should discuss with experts. Hardwood is the best deck material to make your deck look creative at a low maintenance cost. Let’s discuss some trendsetting yet sustainable deck designs inspired by wooden styles and patterns.

Wood Deck Designs: Crafting Classic Masterpieces for Outdoor Living

Building a perfect deck requires a lot of planning, craftsmanship, professional work, and custom deck and patio shop drawings. These should also match your mood board for the shape, patterns, colors, outdoor furniture, and other add-ons you desire to see in your dream deck.

For instance, many people may love having a dining deck next to their garden and kitchen space, while some prefer to attach small planters to wood deck railing and walkways. Depending on the area and budget, one can transform any outdoor setting into the most welcoming and relaxing area of a home.

When it comes to durability, style, and cost, hardwood decking is mainly preferred. It lends a more natural and dazzling appearance.

Premium hardwood is an ideal choice for modern and long-lasting wood deck designs. Here are the reasons why one must go with wood deck designs for exterior makeover ideas for your house:

Appearance: Wood decking is recommended over other synthetic PVC and composite materials for a more natural and authentic look.

Cost: Natural wood deck design materials are sturdy and available in many wooden species and types. Pressure-treated wood is more economical than other types of wood used in custom millwork.

Custom millwork is highly preferred for unique aesthetics and enhanced resale value.

Quality: The processing of pressure-treated boards or untreated lumber protects wooden deck millwork from harsh winter conditions, humidity, temperature changes, pests, mildew, mold, and other natural damages.

Maintenance: With timely care, hardwood decking boards are less expensive and more favorable for long-lasting use. Decks using natural and composite wood materials may also take less maintenance, like regular staining and sanding, to retain their natural sheen.

Popular Wood Decking Styles to Modernize Outdoors

Unlike other decking materials, custom hardwood decks with professional millwork can enhance the resale value of your house. They appear more vibrant than other materials and can better match your residential architecture style. Let’s see some classic wood deck designs that most homeowners and contractors are interested in:

Contemporary Style

This decking style is one of the top woodwork trends for minimalistic yet modern outdoor spaces. It comprises sleek design patterns in basic shapes, usually rectangular and with less ornamentation. This wood deck design is ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

Minimalist Outdoor Wood Deck Design

Traditional Style

Another popular choice for wood deck design is the traditional style. Consider low square design for inviting space or rectangle shapes with angled corners or double-story decking for stunning views. Decks combining rectangular with octagonal sections are ideal for family and personal gatherings.

Other traditional deck designs feature wood trim molding for curved sections in premium redwood with built-in furniture.

Colonial Style

This decking design blends well with the golden era of millwork from colonial times. They use symmetrical patterns and wood deck railings in white for a classical look. One can also add planter boxes, benches, and the best types of tables as a focal point of a deck for a garden gateway.

Colonial Style Wood Deck Railings

Mountain Style

People desiring to extend their outdoor floor decking can pick a mountain wood design style. They are massive and preferred for wide exterior spaces.

They use heavy timber wood for wide flooring and rustic long railing. For such decking projects, woodwork manufacturers and interior designers consult their preferred millwork engineering partner, BluEntCAD, for quality and cost efficiency.

Coastal Style

It’s the best-suited wood decking design for coastal areas such as Florida and Melbourne Bayside. They use cedar wood design materials with white railings to withstand moisture and stormy weather.

Coastal Style Wood Deck Design

Types of Wood Deck Materials

Which wood decking material would be the best? That is a valid question for anyone investing in traditional and modern millwork to revamp the outdoors. Let’s take a closer look at different wood materials to use for deck construction:

Redwood Decking

As the name itself defines, redwood material is red or dark red. It could be a permanent solution to your decking maintenance issues. The durability of redwood material extends up to 30 years, and it’s one of the most robust materials. It’s five times stronger than other types of wood molding decks. Different qualities of redwood are:

  • Typically found in the Pacific Southwest.

  • It turns yellow, greyish, or even black over time. Applying layers of sealant can prevent that color from fading.

  • Less likely to break or split. It will remain in shape for decades.

  • It goes well with any finishing material and absorbs layers quickly.

  • Safe from rot and pests but needs high maintenance during high-moisture days.

Pressure Treated Decking

This wood deck design material is best known for its load-bearing features. It’s manufactured from southern pine wood, often used to craft spacious deck spaces.

The durability, strength, and low-cost availability of pressure-treated lumber also make it a popular choice compared to other types of wood for furniture for decking. More characteristics of this wood deck design material are:

  • Great for sustainable decking designs for landscape architecture in urban spaces.

  • Prevents rot and termites when installed in yards or other open areas.

  • It is pale and may turn greenish when regular sealant is not applied.

  • Recommended for framing only; not ideal for wood deck railing and boards.

  • Commonly used across Northern, Southern, Western, and even Midwestern U.S.

Cedar Wood Decking

Most millwork agencies, manufacturers, deck builders, contractors, and home designers admire natural decors for home and commercial projects. Cedar wood decking material is what you should always choose if you have eco-friendly preferences. It is not treated with harsh chemicals and is naturally durable. It resists rotting and withstands weather changes.

Tigerwood and IPE wood are the best-selling materials for custom wood decks and outdoor furniture construction.

Bring your Deck Dream to Life with BluEnt’s Custom Millwork Drafting Services

Best furniture, interior, outdoor designers, residential contractors, and real estate companies prioritize decking to enhance property value.

And, of course, modern decks with attractive fencing and in-built planters are perfect for small family gatherings, dining, and relaxing. Can’t wait to get your dream deck, patio, or garden walkway installed at your place?

BluEntCAD is a partner you can trust for millwork engineering, millwork shop drawing, drafting, and SolidWorks 3D modeling. Approach our professional millwork team to get detailed deck shop drawings in 3D in the USA, Australia, and Canada.  We also specialize in construction drawing, 3D rendering and VR, tile and metal shop drawings, BIM, CAD conversions, and more.

Discover more millwork inspirations in our portfolio, and contact us for a free demo.



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