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Here’s how Custom Millwork can boost the resale value of your home



Millwork has been incorporated into homes for centuries now. Millwork adds beauty to the different areas of the house such as dining rooms, living rooms etc which would otherwise appear dull and colorless. Millwork helps homeowners add a distinguished appeal to their homes in an effortless way.


Reasons to consider custom millwork for homes

  • To put forth bluntly, adding architectural woodworking to your home increases the property’s resale value. As long as the home is well-taken care, wood never loses its value. It only increases its value with the excruciatingly fine architectural details.
  • Millwork accentuates beauty and elegance to the home interior. Wood is earthy and has a natural aura within it. Millwork enhances the beauty and boosts home’s appeal to potential buyers. If you have an ancestral residential property, remodeling with millwork can accent its vintage beauty.
  • Dressing up any space in wood is beneficial because it is highly ‘durable’.

Architectural millwork is often misunderstood to have high maintenance and costs. Millwork is a great investment as it is effortless to integrate into homes and gives you numerous benefits. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about MillworkE-mail:
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Here’s what you can expect from custom millwork

  • It can offer easy storage solutions; at the same time accentuating the visual impact of your space.
  • You can add built-in cabinets specific to your needs.
  • Selling your property at a good resale value becomes a lot easier when you have architectural woodwork installed at your home.

BluEntCAD has over 2 decades of detailing millwork project designs.

Below are some great ways to integrate BluEntCAD’s custom commercial millwork in your homes.

Crown molding

Want to add height and beauty to any space? Crown molding is the answer. It can be a decorative accentuation to a plain looking space, mostly used in family and living rooms.

Though a crown molding is not exactly functional by usage, it really uplifts the look of your space. Crown molding will not only join the wall and the ceiling but will have a visually impactful appeal that will add a touch of quick glamor to space.

You have the option of adding a simple colonial crown or even a detailed 5-piece cornice. If you are looking to make your room look more formal or ceremonial, our millwork detailings for your crown molding designs will do just that.

Built-in-desks and shelves

Just for a moment think that the walls of your living room or study space are lined with built-in shelves or desks. The shelves are filled with your huge book collection. Now imagine sitting against the built-in desk, working on your assignment and coming up with creative ideas while looking out the window.

Built-in desks and shelves are truly significant for those who work from home. BluEntCAD millworkers create functional and practical built-in-desk and shelf detailings. Our experts create custom detailed architectural shop drawings that can incorporate a wide range of materials and excruciating details that fit your budget.

Custom Cabinets

BluEntCAD can work on custom cabinet detailings for your kitchen. These can be then be manufactured as per your specific requirements, limitations to interior decors and more importantly budgetary constraints.

Your kitchen storage is a very important aspect of the overall persona of your house and BluEntCAD understands that. Our designers can work on your imagination or even provide their experienced inputs to create tailor-made kitchen storage details for your millwork designs.

Millwork Stairs

When you think of stairs, movie scenes with majestic staircases pop-up. We can detail high precision hand-carved stair banisters, ones that perfectly in sync with your home décor. We can build both simple designs or complex detailed shop drawings with intricate carvings. Stairs with an open side and a wrap-around bottom step can enhance your space even more.

With BluEntCAD, enhance your home’s appeal and increase its resale value by focusing on minute architectural details. Integrating multifarious options of crown molding or millwork stairs into your homes accentuate interiors as well as add durability and longevity that will create a great expression when you are selling your property someday. Connect with us to discuss more ideas and to incorporate custom millwork into your homes.

Maximum Value. Achieved.

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