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21 May 2018

How To Improve Your Real Estate Virtual World Tours

How and why you should improve your real estate virtual world tours.

The real estate market is rapidly growing and there is no turning back or looking back at the downfall of the market, as it has recorded a steady growth in the past. With the increasing popularity of the market, it is highly important for every real estate company to have a satisfied customer base. This is possible with certain elements that you must provide your customers, including VR tours of properties and households.

But wait!! What is a virtual tour in real estate? Here is the answer to that:

There have been numerous instances in our lives when we watch television and tend to switch the channel when a real estate ad pops-in. Well, here you cannot skip it, as that loosens the purpose.

The exact replica and the virtual presentation of the property you have constructed or yet to construct is called as virtual reality for real estate. This replica video presentation serves as the factor that attracts the customer with its visual presentation. More specifically, this makes the customer believe that their future residential property would be similar to the video that they have seen and experienced.

The need for improving real estate virtual reality tours

The importance of virtual tours cannot be stressed upon enough. Let’s break down these benefits of virtual tours in real estate for a clear understanding of why we need to invest more in the same:

  • Better customer viewership of properties for the first time is a superior reason behind why virtual reality tours are important. To sum up, virtual reality tours in real estate businesses are like a first look poster for an upcoming movie.

    It gives an exact overview of what is about to happen, yet doesn’t reveal it all. Exciting, isn’t it?

  • Achieving the target audience with word of mouth and popularity in the market is highly possible through this form of tech usage.

    But, this can only be a possibility if and when you provide a video or presentation that exactly depicts how your property looks like. Many businesses set false hopes and standards for the investors with contrasting visuals that fail to portray the real image.

  • It has a direct impact on the sales, one which can be easily determined through its analytical breakdown eventually.

  • Visuals are much better than audio form of advertisement, especially when it comes to properties. People always trust in what they see more than what they hear and what they feel.

The above reasons serve enough of a proof and explain why virtual reality and real estate must go hand in hand.

Tips On How to Improve Real Estate VR Tours

Now that you have gained a fair idea on how real estate virtual tours are useful, scroll through some of the important and necessary tips below. This will help you boast a better, improvised and customized 360 virtual tour real estate, one which provides a unique experience for your customers.

  • Adapt to the techniques of using short videos instead of images and pictures. Ask any of your customers to choose between an image and video of the same subject, they would be choosing the latter, as it gives a better experience for them.

    In an image, you would be viewing it only from one angle, whereas a short video on the property lets you view it from different angles.

  • Neighborhoods are highly important in the representation, as well. The video you project in your virtual reality tours must also highlight the neighborhood area, as it helps make it more marketable.

    The diversity of the viewers would not only be focusing on the property but also in the surrounding neighborhood. More natural and real visuals you provide about the surroundings, more the customers you would get.

  • When customers expect something out of the property, why not present it to them in a way that would seem more appealing for an investment? With this idea, you could evolve a working plan of meeting the customers’ requirement in terms of color, structure, and other aspects of the property.

  • The floor plans could easily be displayed in the video without having it to be explained to the customers. This is termed as interactive floor plans which display the plans based on videos and images at high quality for the customers.


The above-mentioned strategies and tips on how and why to improve VR tours real-estate are proven and flexible to you and your customers’ demands.

If you hope or rather envision on making the VR visual mind-boggling with strong impact in the minds of the customers, look no further than BluEntCAD. With our services on enhanced virtual reality tools for real estates, you can reap the potential of your property and gain hefty revenue through the same.

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