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08 Feb 2021

5 Vital Points To Consider Before Hiring 3D Rendering Services Professionals

We understand. Your business needs 3D rendering service professionals – but there are a lot of companies that offer those. So how do you choose the right one? 

Market demand for 3D rendering will hit a staggering 9 billion USD by 2026. Compare that to 2 billion USD in 2019.

Partly, this is thanks to the availability of advanced but cost-effective software solutions and the increasingly competition. Skyrocketing industralization, urbanization and product design will give a leg up to the market. Construction and real estate will be among the winners from the benefits of architectural visualization services.

It’s no longer a question of if, but when your business will jump onto the 3D rendering bandwagon.

The major purposes of such services are to design and present market strategies regarding a builder’s development projects.

Architectural visualization helps builders to chart out an efficient and realistic blueprint, which paves the way for better sales as clients can visualize the exteriors and interiors of the proposed building.

(If you’re looking for a deeper dive into VR to sell homes, check out this piece.)

Hiring a 3D rendering company is a great responsibility. Here are some important points that will guide you from conception to the final rendering.

Things to Check Before Choosing 3D Rendering Services

With 3D rendering companies mushrooming across the globe, adding to an increasingly crowded market, it’s easy to feel lost. Don’t take out your wallet for the nearest architectural visualization company. A little research goes a long way.

Here are some guidelines that will help you make an informed decision so your business doesn’t end up losing money.

Quality Background Check

High quality is not negotiable. Or at least, it shouldn’t be.

Check the rendering company’s website and social media outlets to get an idea about their past and current projects. High-quality renders will include:

  • Photorealism – The image should be believably realistic, complete with reflections and shadows. The 3D artist should know the ins and outs of physical details, such as the roughness of particular stones, the folds of individual fabrics, and so on.

  • Accuracy – Accurate proportions of objects are crucial. The slightest deformation could ruin the effect or even lead to mistakes in the final physical product.

  • Proper Texturing – Materials in the rendering, such as velvet, wood, and stone should be instantly recognizable.

  • Detailing – Amateurs may not be able to achieve proper detailing in 3D renders. It should be high resolution with bright lighting, so there’s no chance of missing imperfections. Don’t accept low-poly 3D models – they are not appropriate for large-scale images or close-ups.

  • Lighting System – How many light sources are there in the render? Is it artificial, natural, or mixed? Expert 3D renderers will know exactly how to highlight the benefits of the product and, if necessary, set the right mood for marketing.

Set up a meeting to analyze the architectural visualization company’s portfolio and ask them about:

  • The time and software plug-ins needed to complete such projects

  • The process and information needed

  • Whether they are using the most current version of the software

Don’t forget to consider your target demographic before finalizing a deal, whether you’re going for a master plan community development or simple home improvement.

Completing Deadlines On Time

Usually, a 3D rendering company takes a 3–5 day turnaround time, excluding revisions.

However, you should remember that high-end and complex rendering is a computer-processer intensive process that might be handled by render workstations or render farms. Render farms are a set of nodes that work on computing lighting, thus producing a high-quality image.

This does include high purchase and maintenance costs. It is recommended to go for an architectural visualization company with in-house render farms to complete your work with greater efficiency.

Revision Policy

Even if your renders are made by a qualified candidate, slight edits are commonly expected. The architectural rendering company should be prepared for this.

Most companies perform revisions within the original price.

Providers offering unlimited revisions might turn out half-hearted in time and skill management. You may end up with a lower-quality product in this case.

Efficient companies usually guarantee customer satisfaction within a few edits.


A professional 3D rendering company should be comprehensive in its outlook, and offer services to suit your specific needs. This helps to avoid delays and extra costs.

Apart from providing photorealistic rendering and animation, the company should provide home builder software, interactive kiosks, virtual reality and mobile apps, among others.


There is no standard pricing for such services. A high-quality 3D still render, for example, can fall anywhere between $1,200 and $6,000 – and that’s just an average. It can go well above or below depending on the project, company and location.

If your budget is an issue, you can go for smaller companies that will give you a personalized service. They are equally efficient in digital art and production, which retains flow and continuity regarding the client’s project.


If you keep in mind these five vital points, you will end up with 3D rendering services that meet your needs and grow your sales.

And if you’re looking for a company to make it happen, well, you can stop your search.

BluEntCAD provides 3D exterior and interior rendering services for commercial and residential projects. We also offer animated walkthroughs and fly-throughs and product rendering.

Whether you’re a homebuilder, real estate developer, architect or interior designer, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us now to get the 3D rendering services your business deserves.

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