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30 May 2018

What is the Future of 3D Rendering?

Images that speak volumes need not always be captured. 3D rendering boasts the capability to infuse life into images of variant kinds. Does the entire concept excite you? This article covers all the aspects concerning the future of 3D rendering.

The year 1906, saw the world witnessed the first-ever animated movie. It was all about faces drawn on Chalkboard brought to life. Today, over a century later, the animation industry stands poles apart from when it originated. Much of this shift can be bowed to 3D rendering and the surging popularity of 3D artists.

Creative technocrats are splurging in the pool of tools and technologies to add a new dimension to 3D rendering. From CPUs to GPU’s a multitude of potential is being injected into the industry.

If you’re left wondering why so much of R&D pertaining to animation is ongoing, we have got you covered.

We are on the cusp of a graphical revolution. Creative visualization skills and technologies are blending phenomenally, and 3D rendering is a classic example of the same.

Creative geniuses from all across the globe are exploring the dimension of an existing ecosystem, wherein 3D rendering can change the way we work and how we experience things.

Future use cases of 3D rendering

Animation world

It all started with the desire for better means of entertainment!

Are you an Avenger Fan? How exciting is it to your favorite movie characters, like for example the Hulk, come to life. Visualization and 3D rendering tools work in complete harmony to build a lifelike animated character like the Hulk. It also does so in a rapid manner, saving both money and workforce. 

The potential 3D rendering holds is yet to be explored multi-folds by the animation and movie world. 3D rendering and animation go hand in hand and the Future of 3D rendering is gleaming in this space.

Virtual Reality

3D rendering is the spine behind the excitement that is known as Virtual reality. The new generation has been caught up in enjoying simulated rides and 3D rendering is adding more to the fun. A lot has been going on at the 360-degree modeling type and very soon the world of videos games will change forever.

Advertising Space

Branding of an upcoming product starts way before it hits the market.

Gone are the days when a “Coming Soon” tag would create waves of excitement in the market. The audience is asking for more. 3D rendering has added an unimaginable dimension to the advertising industry.

Much before the product is developed 3D rendering techniques can help build real-life animated models. The look and feel are so lifelike that it hovers around the audience’s mind for a long span of time, leading to brand building before the product even reaches the market. This, in turn, helps sell products like hotcakes.

Architectural Space

Have you been interested in real estate or are you planning to buy a house?

A commercial or living space of latest standard takes 1-2 years to build to perfection. But 3D architectural rendering services are helping real-estate industries with astonishing models to offer a sneak-peak into the project beforehand. The buyers can now take an optimized call before investing in a home.

3D Printing

Technology that helps human lives get better always remains progressive. Apart from entertainment being one shade of 3D rendering, prosthetics are being designed on 3D rendering tools and then 3D printed. Although it’s still in its infancy, this sector holds a target to make lives easier in the near future.


The desire to bring photorealism to mainstream is putting 3D modeling to good use. An artist cannot texture things with real-life feel if the model is not close to real life. It consumes a lot of CPU and GPU power to build almost perfect 3D models.

With sound technical support of 3D rendering and consistent research happening along-side, we are bound to expect incredible results sooner rather than later.

Augmented Reality

Composite views offered by Augmented Reality have sparked a sense of excitement for the more in humans. A real-world feel of situations involving all the sensory elements of humans, ranging from olfactory to haptic has made the Augmented reality space is to grow leaps and bounds, but needs tremendous support of growth in 3D rendering.


A lot of workforce goes into building, designing and printing things we use and see daily. Using 3D rendering in the future can save us time, resource as well as money. How soon it hits the mainstream market is no more questionable. Humans have sensed the potential 3D rendering boasts to make our life easy and more interesting at the same time.

If you are on the lookout for a phenomenal product model development, 3D product rendering services are just what you need to add to your magic soup.

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