The expansion of BIM technology brings promising results for BluEntCAD

Houston; Texas, October 3, 2016 : BluEntCAD has been a leader in the ‘building information model‘ space for years now. BIM constitutes a new paradigm that allows amalgamation of the roles of all the participants on a project. This technology is being used for construction, design, planning and functioning of the facility. The architects and designers are able to visualize what needs to be created in a stimulated environment. This helps them to discern and perceive the potential design or operational issues before construction begins.

Sajeel Khanna, Senior Vice President of BluEntCAD comments, “Implementing BIM technology in our projects was a big step for our organization. We use it for all our projects. It has helped us in transforming our business. The software such as Revit encourages our project team to build a 3D model. This helps us to see how the structural, mechanical, electrical etc. integrate. It also allows us to redesign incase there are any issues or clashes.”

The adoption of BIM has reaped both productivity and economic benefits for BluEntCAD. They have been able to decrease project costs and increase productivity and quality. Also, they have managed to deliver projects in a stipulated amount of time.  Sajeel Khanna adds. “We work on many complex projects but with the use of BIM it has gotten a lot simpler. It encourages smooth transfer of information between all those involved in the design and execution process. Our team members are able to keep a track of each other’s progress. The co-ordination is easier; hence we save a lot of time and avoid innumerous errors. BIM has made teamwork in the cloud possible.”

BIM has changed the way BluEntCAD functions. The entire team works together to design, communicate, solve issues and construct better projects efficiently in less time and cost. It has helped them in getting a better understanding of what the client wants and avoiding unexpected errors during construction. This has created a huge positive difference in their business. Sajeel Khanna adds, “The unexpected issues and changes can rob our construction projects of valuable time and profitability. The most s