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14 Dec 2017

Explore the 3D Interior Rendering World with Software

Rendering a creative piece of an interior is a balancing act of intuitive art and perfect software.

Most of the interior designers or architects love creating 3D interior renderings as it is the most exciting part of defining the skill of architecture which requires both a skillful mind and an artistic heart. In this competitive environment, the challenge for the architect is to convincingly and precisely portray the expectations of the client with the skills of an interior design detailing and drafting.

You would never be able to sell your ideas to anyone unless you convey them accurately. 3D visualization and interior rendering software gives designers the power to showcase their ideas visually rather than words. For the designers who are looking forward to the world of architectural artwork, the pool of available 3D Interior Rendering software can be overwhelming. Every rendering, modeling and animation software comes with their respective pros and cons. We have created a list of tools that would help you in bringing your inner artist out and render the most beautiful photo-realistic interior renderings.

Google Sketchup

Architects who are starting their careers in digital visualization are highly recommended to initiate their learnings with the Sketchup software. It is user-friendly and supports designers in color schemes, materiality, and spatial orientation. Moreover, it has a stockpile of community built elements such as lighting fixtures, furniture and scale figures which you can easily integrate into your designs to make them more conceptually attractive. Google interfaces flawlessly with renderers such as Blender and VRAY, this makes the transition of the concept model drafts to photo-realistic renderings smooth and quick.

Blender 3D

A blender is a unique tool which has all-in-one features and it can also easily be transferred to your hard-drive at no cost. An open-source tool that has been crafted and improved by the community designers who utilize it the most over a decade. You can easily learn and explore highly developed software. Blender gives the best results using rendering engine cycles.

AutoDesk HomeStyler

While we won’t vouch for this tool to be the best interior design tool, HomeStyler does help the designers to quickly create a rendering of furniture, materials, and lighting. You can populate the room in no time as it has a drag and drop feature which lets you analyze the factors such as space in the room, open windows or doors, orientation etc. This tool is best to go through the ideas along with the client and finalize the perfect interior, once finalized, you can switch to a professional interior design tool.

3DS Max and VRAY

If you are looking for a king of all kind of tool, then your search is over at 3DS Max and VRAY. This is one of the expensive tools in the visualization business. Most of the bigger architectural organizations and design firms use this tool to develop their interior rendering projects. 3DS Max and VRAY justify every penny spend on it as it provides deep learning curve to its users along with the outstanding 3D visualization renderings.


Lumion is being recognized for its ease of use and fabulous results in creating photo-realistic images. Moreover, it comes with real-time rendering capabilities that allow you to work on a setup, modify materials and lighting while live-previewing the final rendering. It cuts down on designing time and allows you to tweak things for the urgent project deliveries.

We have tried to compile the list of the most popular software available in the architectural industry for interior design drafting. BluEntCAD is one of the leading architectural rendering companies serving thousands of clients around the regions of Canada and the USA. We have been catering to architectural rendering services seamlessly with the help of our strong team of designers and architects. Reach out to us to dig in more about such tools.

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