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05 Feb 2024

How 3D Landscape Designs for Exteriors Can Elevate your Property’s Value

3D landscape designs are beyond the basic plans of outdoor residential renovations. They exhibit a high-resolution and scenic view of nature’s canvas, carrying limitless detail to attention and liveliness. 

3D rendering services for landscapes are all you need to present photorealistic visualization of your outdoor spaces, decked with customizable virtual lighting, boundaries, garden structures, patios, pools, and much more.

Your real estate project entailing landscape architecture may need professional 3D renderers or modelers for pre-construction planning and demo. 

Whether you’re a home builder, designer, or owner, landscaping can add value to your dream backyard and increase your property rates. Let’s discuss more about it.

3D Landscape Designs for Exterior Real Estate Renovations

3D renders do wonders for initial landscape planning when designers envision their clients’ imaginations. 

For urban renovations, they mostly prefer a 3D rendering company for real-time rendering of exteriors with existing spaces. As a result, they preview the exact appearance of the environment or surroundings at the initial stage. 

With the tiniest details of natural elements, 3D renderings portray stunning aesthetics with a balanced mix of art and science. That enables landscape architects to:

  • Try different options for layouts, walk flows, and design elements, and change specific landscape elements, such as the orientation of lighting, seating, pathways, etc., to balance out the uniformity of the project.

  • Create immersive 3D landscape designs inspired by iconic architectural rendering styles and aptly crafted with the finest details of the project. That will demonstrate the intended appearance of the exterior to the client before planting any material in the yard.

  • Give an actual feel of natural ambiance and how a landscaped backyard will look with weather changes, striking vibrance from slanting sunrays, and other environmental phenomena in 3D to evoke emotions and eventually impress the buyers.

  • Engage clients via virtual architectural visualization walkthroughs and get valuable feedback for the next design process. That eliminates the cost, time, and resources invested in most renovation and construction projects.

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How Does the Best 3D Rendering for Landscapes Look Like?

Green walkways with breezy plantations, fountains, pergolas, pools, patios, fire pits, etc., shape dramatic landscapes, and they’re popular among property buyers in the US

3D Rendering and lightings for outdoor home landscaping

Urban city planners, project contractors, architects, designers, and real estate marketers hire 3D landscape designers to get high-resolution renders. Here are features of high-quality 3D landscape rendering services:

Well-detailed Boundaries & Orientation

Even a square inch of difference in the final product can frustrate the clients willing to see their dream yard turning into reality. Custom 3D landscape designs eliminate such incidences with advanced VR and 360 and still render right from the pre-visualization phase.

Expert 3D artists incorporate landscape elements across the property’s boundaries and place them in the correct orientation. They apply animation and real-time ray tracing to run virtual tours and modify the visuals immediately based on the client’s feedback. 

Enhanced Surface Layers

Custom landscape rendering includes many surface materials, including brick, concrete, wood, paving stones, gravel, etc. 

Besides the mood and style of landscape designs, rendering artists use 3D modeling textures and materials across vertical and horizontal surfaces to bring more attention to detail. It helps their clients understand what they can expect for exterior landscaping. 

Exterior Lightings with 3D Objects

Landscape renders are half-done without natural elements and light adjustments. 3D artists use a library of plants such as palms, shrubs, conifers, and trees with a perfect alignment of shadows and lights for greenery. 

The impact of lights and shadows in 3D visualization impart visual appeal and lifelike appearance to the space. That gives a clear picture of how a property’s exteriors will look at different times of the day. 

A highly customized 3D landscape design uses daytime lighting for detailed features and sunset visualization with artificial lighting to spot intricacies.  

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Features and Styles of 3D Landscape Designs

Below are some standard features of 3D exterior renderings to elicit emotions. 

Elegant Walkways for Stunning Entrance

What’s more impressive than a paver walkway at the main entrance? Renovating a property’s front porch is a crucial outdoor landscaping requirement. 

3D landscape designers add wide walkways with catchy patterns and borders to achieve the desired look for exterior renderings of such styles. 

3D landscape rendering with walkways

Stylish Decks or Patios for More Space

Other steps to improve your 3D architecture rendering for landscaping are taken for more outdoor living spaces. 

That’s why most 3D landscape designs feature composite decks or patios. They not only enhance space but also curb appeal to the property. 

Besides adding more living space to the existing property, decking increases its resale value and is also low at maintenance. 

As per the latest real estate trends, homebuyers are fond of having spacious decks or patios in their backyard. They’re great for family gatherings, weekend meetings or cookouts, morning meditation, and romantic evenings. 

These decks look classy and comforting even when rendered using the best 3D modeling software. Landscape designers present them more accurately from different angles and in multiple shades, patterns, styles, and shapes. 

Combination of Green Natural Elements

A perfect landscape rendering should be designed to stay at low maintenance for years. 

3D artists balance using plants, shadows, water bodies, lights, and other natural elements, considering privacy, appeal, functionality, sustainability, and maintenance needs. 

  • For greenery and vegetation, 3D renders must give a detailed view of plants’ type, size, shape, and distribution.

  • For water features such as ponds, pools, foundations, and rain, the 3D landscape designer should work on each element’s aesthetic and functional value.

  • For lighting and shadows, landscape designers can create stunning visuals with architectural 3D rendering to illuminate the sharp edges and overshadow the dark spaces.

  • For texture and material, including gravel, sand, and woodwork on the path, walls, fences or boundaries, and outdoor furniture, 3D models can zoom into the finest details of the overall design concept.

While planning the project, architects and designers must ensure their 3D landscape designs are precise and well thought out to fulfill the purpose. Bad landscaping could be a nightmare when not perceived precisely.

See your Dream Living Spaces Before They Turn into Reality with Photorealistic 3D Renderings

3D landscape designs in architectural walkthrough projects create more sales opportunities for real estate agencies. Moreover, they enable homebuilders and designers to depict their clients’ visions to save time and resources spent on renovations.  

While 3D rendering remains a crucial factor behind the success of every construction, design, and renovation project, the professionals at BluEntCAD are taking it to the next level. Our architectural visualization experts create fantastic digital experiences using advanced tools and software, including 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Autodesk, and Maya. 

Our exclusive 3D rendering and VR services cover exterior and interior & exterior 3D rendering, architectural walkthroughs, and product modeling. We also specialize in Millwork engineering, Construction Drawings, Building Information Modeling, Shop Drawings, and CAD Conversions.

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