3 Dominant Elements For Custom Residential Millwork

Houston; Texas, July 10th 2017: The new emerging elements in custom residential millwork continue to have a significant impact on the housing industry. We have witnessed a constant evolution in the millwork sector. In the past, the introduction of novel designs and processes transformed the way millworkers created designs.

BluEntCAD highlights finer features that can add charm and beauty of the real wood to residential homes this year. The newer level of uniqueness, efficiency and accuracy increases the value of the space as it adds to the aesthetic quality of the home’s interior.

According to BluEntCAD, there are 3 signature elements in residential millwork that will dominate 2017. As per the latest reviews, it will allow the industry to create high quality residential millwork products.

  1. Going Green:

    Since a couple years ago, using sustainable materials has been one of the popular elements in custom millwork. However, this year it has been claimed as the best investment homeowners can make for their homes.

    BluEntCAD has been using reclaimed wood, sustainable wood as well as recycled materials to add history and warmth to their millwork products. The benefits of using these materials are not only that it helps one pose no threat to the environment but also create the most unique ways to create exquisite pieces of furniture.

  2. Natural wood grain:

    Natural is the way to go this year. Natural wood grain can add the aesthetic quality to the home décor. 2017 has seen the introduction of natural materials and beauty in a big way. According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP, “the whole idea for using natural wood grain as a decoration theme is for the millwork industry to bring the beauty of our natural world into the client’s home.”

    As per the top organizations in this sector, there are various ways of incorporating this theme – by adding natural colors to the walls or use tiles that are made from natural stones. Even fixtures made from brushed metals that look quite natural can be an interesting addition.

  3. Custom-built cabinetry:

    Custom built cabinetry has been one of the most popular elements in the millwork world and it continues to be so. However, 2017 has seen newer ‘customized’ additions to this element.

    For example, creation of built-in refrigerator cabinets that can hide the large and awkward structures. Custom cabinetries for media centres and storage for house owners to hide stereos or DVD players when not in use. This allows them to also use the cabinet for other purposes such as creating the space to sit and work. These elements add aesthetic value, multiple functionalities and gives a more spacious look to the homes.

Since ages, BluEnt’s millworkers have been able to create from the most traditional to the most contemporary of designs. They have been prompt in incorporating the improved and updated elements in custom millwork giving the client’s home a custom and unique look that lasts for generations to come.

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