BluEntCAD solidifies its presence in the architectural millwork industry

BluEntCAD’s growth stems from superior quality and skilled manpower – providing bespoke millwork and shop drawings services to its clients.

Houston; Texas, September 8, 2016 : BluEntCAD is specialized in millwork drawings and shop drawing services since decades and it is one of their proudest moments to announce this miraculous success in this field. Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEntCAD remarks ‘we are celebrating our efforts; we have put in tremendous amount of work to reach where we are today. We have used the perfect blend of skills, resources (people and financial), and inputs, with a laser-focus on personalization, which makes us leading custom millwork and shop drawings provider.’

BluEntCAD’s appointment of highly skilled and experienced millwork and shop drafters has spurred the company’s growth and solidified its presence in the architectural millwork industry.

Working with a knowledgeable, and highly skilled team, BluEntCAD understands the AEC industry from both US and Canadian millwork standpoint.

From conceptualization to physical building form, BluEntCAD has worked on different stages in millwork drawings and construction services with many architects, designers, real state developers and have guided them by finding the most efficient and accurate methods in millwork drafting to support their work. Therefore, with this kind of experience BluEntCAD’s team has been exposed to a variety of design systems, to churn out the best millwork and shop drawings for its clients.

BluEntCAD prepares customized drawings in a way to not only assure the best quality but also uniformity in the dimensions of the components. This has enabled the architects, builders and engineers to solve futuristic pitfalls and problems at the early stages of construction.

BluEntCAD has been using the most contemporary form of software and technology, which aids in creating the most precise information about measures and specifications of prefabricated components for the clients. With the information provided by them, the clients have been able to select the best procedures and methods for construction.

As a leading player on the architectural millwork industry, BluEntCAD provides quality millwork products to the commercial industry, architectural engineering industry, religious buildings, home buildings, institutional projects, and miscellaneous projects. Their main millwork services so far include AutoCAD submittal drawings, store fixtures, optimizing in-house placements, submittal Drawings from outsourcing Vendor-produced Products, creating parametric products.

Operation of the latest technology, superior quality and trained team with good customization skills has been the secret sauce for success for BluEntCAD.

Many firms now believe in outsourcing millwork and shop drawings and hence the clients have lined up for these services all around the world. To this momentous success, Sajeel adds, ‘our millwork and shop drafting services have gained recognition because of the quality service we have managed to deliver at a reasonable cost.’

About BluEnt.

Headquartered in Texas, U.S., BluEntCAD is specialized in outsourcing millwork, shop drawings, architectural design and drafting solutions including – BIM construction documentation, CAD services, AutoCAD to Revit conversion, and BIM consulting services with accolades in U.S., UK, New Zealand, Australia and APAC region.

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