BluEntCAD switches to Revit to create working drawings

Houston; Texas, April 10th 2017 : Working drawings play a significant role in every construction project. Whether we are building a new space or renovating a house, the construction projects are initiated only post the completion of blueprints. These blueprints are required at every step of the construction process as it displays what needs to be renovated or built.

The technological advancements have been prominent in this sector as well. With the invention of AutoCAD, the companies started drafting working drawings in 2D. They displayed specifications that catered to the installation techniques, the materials to be used as well as the quality standards.

Sajeel Khanna comments, “Many construction companies have made the switch to Revit for the development of digital documents from the traditional processes such as 2D drafting. Revit is currently considered to be a superior-ranking platform for working drawings. It certifies that the construction project workflow goes methodically and effortlessly.”

BluEnt is considered to be an expert in creating surpassing quality and excruciatingly detailed digital blueprints. They are using Revit, the latest innovation in BIM, to develop these construction documents. Sajeel Khanna, VIP, adds, “Revit has allowed us to create a superior quality design documentation. We produce detailed reports, informative descriptions that allow us to deliver an excruciating level of detailing for every single phase of every construction project.”

With Revit, clients can instantaneously get a preview of their future projects. 3D design views give them options to try out different design layouts at any. Sajeel adds, “Revit has helped us to overshoot client expectations. It has allowed my team and clients to address all the errors while developing the CD sets. Not only do we save time but also with mistakes being detected before even initiating the construction process, saves us and the clients big bucks.”

BluEntCAD is not the only firm to make the shift. There are many companies that have made the transition in the recent past. Sajeel adds, “The benefits of using Revit for working drawings are endless and it is breathing a new life into the construction sector.”

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