BluEntCAD uncovers the top 3 ‘millwork trends’ dominating the construction sector in 2017

Houston, USA – Monday, October 30, 2017 : BluEntCAD perceives 2017 to be a great year for the millwork industry, as customers want their residential and commercial spaces to look more unique with distinguished quality and remarkable aesthetics.

According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP at BluEntCAD, “The design industry is always evolving and this year is shaping up to be a great one as we see the new materials and major technological innovations getting amalgamated into both residential and commercials spaces.”

In commercial spaces, customers are looking for creative and unique systems for storage, shelving, cabinetry, pantries, reception desks etc. The home industry’s interior design is focused on the cabinetry work in the kitchen space to storage spaces around the homes to an implementation of technologies such as LED lightings.

BluEntCAD forecasts these top 3 millwork trends that will be dominant and popular throughout the year and may even gain more attention in 2018

Keeping it natural with darker shades:

This year people are connecting more with the earthy feel of ‘wood’. While the last few years customers were more focused on high contrast in modern materials and adding very little natural wood, this year darker colours of woods, stains, and finishes are more prevalent. They have been used in many millwork projects at BluEntCAD because of its sleek look and simplistic designs. BluEntCAD ensures that they use this with bright walls and neutral colored furniture to add a warmer vibe to the environment.

The plethora of more compelling ‘material’ choices:

In the past, building materials such as wood and metal have been the most preferred options in both commercial and housing spaces. However, now customers have many more preferred choices like granite, marble, laminate and many others depending on the project. This trend seems to be gaining popularity and according to BluEntCAD, it’s expected to rise even higher in 2018.

Innovation is key and this is where technology finds its way:

Technological integration in the millwork industry is not new. However, according to BluEntCAD technology has never made it’s presence felt in ways that it has in 2017. From LED lights to motion sensors for smart homes in the residential spaces to installing an engineered ceiling containing angulated, walnut slats with secret sensors in office spaces – technology reigns supreme. BluEntCAD expects to see many more of these technological integrations as LED lighting is incorporated in cabinetry and shelving units to make the artefacts stand out and tiny lights and sensors are pinned around crown moulding or baseboards to build a remarkable number of varied effects.

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