Scan to BIM takes the rich intelligent 3D models to a new level

Houston; Texas, April 24, 2017 : BluEntCAD has placed Scan to BIM on their technology roadmap, which has proved to be very advantageous for their firm. 3D laser scanning is a captivating technology that helps in recording and analysing 3D data of any physical object or real world environment. The construction firms that have willing embraced this technology, are now able to capture excruciatingly detailed data of physical objects in both external and internal forms. Construction industries are also using 3D scanning technology to upgrade facilities into a sustainable high performance building.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, adds, “3D laser scanning is triumphing and beginning to be identified as an indispensable technology in the architecture world. Our team is able to extract a detailed survey of the most complex structures with Scan to BIM. The top-level benefits that our company has acquired through this are increased profitability, a higher level of accuracy and a quicker turn around. There are countless benefits of Scan to BIM. It can generate unsurpassable accurate and efficient 3D data in a short span of time. It helps in producing superior quality measurements. 3D laser scanning improves project communication and collaboration with every client and stakeholder involved in the project.

Sajeel remarks, “At BluEntCAD, depending on the complexity of the structure, we use both mid range and close range scanners. This helps our team to assure high-resolution 3D recordings even when dealing with ornate objects. We guarantee an accurate evaluation of the data the outcome of which is a rich intelligent high-resolution 3D model. With 3D scanning, our clients receive reduced design time and project costs.”

There are construction firms that are still apprehensive to adopt laser scanning. The cost of buying the equipment is huge. However, with time being saved by moving rapidly and systematically through the construction property or structure to gather 3D data, it in turn dissolves the cost of the scanner. Sajeel comments, “Today a growing number of construction firms are depending on 3D laser scanning for their evaluation, renovation and design workflows. These companies, whether large and small, are adopting scan-to-BIM processes in their projects as its cropping endless benefits”

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