Technology trends transforming the construction sector in 2017

Houston; Texas, March 14th 2017 : There have been numerous significant technological advancements in the construction industry in the span of 5 years. The construction sector, which was believed to be sometimes incapable and slow to embrace changes are now feeling the pressure to keep pace with the recent digital developments and processes.

Sajeel Khanna, SVP, comments, “Our workforce has adopted new processes and equipment’s that has given them an edge over the other employees in this industry. The new and improved processes have enabled our team to function more efficiently and deliver projects in a shorter duration leading to increased profits for our organization”

According to BluEntCAD, there are three technology trends that will be dominating the construction industry in the coming years.

BIM – the most transformational trend:

BIM has been confirmed as the most transformational innovation in the construction industry that has been in trend for years. It has completely reformed the construction processes and is now becoming a necessity. As Sajeel Khanna added, “With new technology comes a new way of doing things. It gives you a different perspective and opens up a completely new world that you never knew existed.”

With 3D BIM taking over those exhaustive 2D drawings, the employees can now weigh their options by trying out multiple methods, frameworks, and operations to understand what the impact of these would be on the construction project – before building the structure. Furthermore, we have 4D BIM and 5D

BIM that are used based on the type of data that needs to be implanted into the model. While 4D BIM concerns with time-related information that needs to be incorporated into the model, 5D BIM inputs schedule and costs. The workers can show their clients in real-time how changes to different design elements have implications on the appearance, cost, and schedule of the construction project.

3D laser scanning – diminishing mortal errors:

No more errors due to measurements obtained by workers. It is a strenuous task to measure the exact dimensions of any construction project. However, 3D laser scanning captures the exact dimensions of a structure providing point-cloud data where the information is then turned into a point cloud image. With this data incorporated into BIM – it is able to define the most accurate measurements of the building.

Mobile apps: communication and managing projects made simpler

Sajeel Khanna says, “We use applications that have been specially created for this sector such as real-time collaboration or logging blueprints. We don’t spend time on endless meetings or calls anymore.” There are apps for everything and construction industry hasn’t been left behind. Today, we have several apps that have been adopted by some organizations that have helped them to increase productivity and have made it easier to manage projects.

Sajeel Khanna comments, “These new technology trends are allowing our employees to further develop their knowledge, focus more on embracing and acquiring newer skills that are enabling them to work smarter and deliver a superior end result. These new trends will be a game changer for us and the construction industry this year.”

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