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Home Builder Outsourcing Case Study


Architectural Outsourcing Services

A look at the successful execution of a Building Project by off-loading design and drafting tasks to a responsible architectural drafting studio.

Client Profile

Winner of several distinguished awards like America’s Best Builder and National Best Builder of the Year, this company has been transforming the visions of its clients into reality, with innovative design, quality construction and distinct style for forty years. Based in U.S., they design and develop sustainable buildings, residential colonies and commercial buildings with industry-leading skills.

The Challenge

Being one of the largest home builders in the U.S., the number of projects that the company needed to provide its clients was rapidly growing, and they needed to deliver their projects with a quick turn around time (TAT). The bigger challenge was that the TAT would need to increase with time to meet the demands of the clients. Having a large number of building projects and not enough workforce to execute them, the client decided to offload drafting activities. They approached BluEntCAD with the task of learning about their services and using AutoCAD and Revit software to develop easily modifiable construction documentation sets.

BluEntCAD Approach

Our professional draftspersons understood the client’s requirements. BluEntCAD immediately started the project and heightened quality and TAT.

architectural work responsibility diagram

Division of Work and Responsibilities: BluEntCAD Project Manager (PM) started engagement with the client; the workshare was defined. While our client prepared Schematic Design (SD) and Design Development (DD), BluEntCAD developed Construction Documentation (CD) sets.

Wide Range of Input Files: The client provided SDs and DDs as input files for Construction Documentation sets in formats, including PDF, JPEG, Scanned Paper, Images, and Vertex (a highly flexible CAD software) through secure transit.

Tasks Allocation Process: Our Project Manager (PM), Team Leader (TL) and Sr. Draft Person analyzed the project scope; tasks were allocated to draftspersons; turn around time (TAT) for each individual was set.

Advanced Technology: BluEntCAD employed Revit Architecture to enable drafters to verify the measurements and their effects on the rest of the building and to speed construction documentation.

Employee Engagement Process: We engaged experienced BIM consultants for quality. Given the volume of the drawings, BluEntCAD shifted to the “Engagement Model” (BluEntCAD’s Internal Process of Resource Deployment), and increased the number of draftspersons.

Quality Assurance Process: While working on SDs and DDs, our BIM experts identified potential spatial conflicts. Regular video and desktop conferencing between the client and BluEntCAD were set up to scan design changes.

Team Motivation: Regular interaction with the client’s team and the designers motivated our draftspersons. Each individual ensured maximum efficiency. Members would cross quality check (QC) their work. The Senior Draft Person reviewed the results. Finally, the PM would view the project in BIM and proceed to prepare Construction Documentation sets.

Greater Productivity, Significant Time Savings

Within four months, BluEntCAD’s ability to deliver drafting services had increased threefold. Within another two months, the number of projects had grown almost tenfold. BluEntCAD was maintaining exceptional quality. Greatly satisfied, the client decided to extend their requirements to other value-added services. The engineers and the design head from the client’s company visited BluEntCAD to train our draftspersons on the aspects of code compliance, quantity generation, and greater value in architectural design and drafting services.

Ultimately, BluEntCAD created true value for our client, strictly following our motto: Maximum Value. Achieved.

Key Deliverables

Level 1

  • BIM Construction Documentation
  • CAD to BIM Conversion
  • Conversion of GIF, JPEG, PDF, Images, Scanned Papers to Revit
  • Identification of Potential Spatial Coict
  • Verification of Measurements and their Effects

Level 2

  • Code Compliance
  • Parametric Family Creation
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Material Quantity and Specifications
  • Cost Estimation
  • Energy Analysis

Benefits to the Client

Tangible Benefits


Cost Advantage

  • No Overheads Expenditure
  • No Hidden Cost

Quality Advantage

  • The expertise of Trained Professionals
  • Improved Quality

Intangible Benefits

  • Increased Coordination
  • Customer Satisfaction

Time Advantage

  • Improved Delivery Time
  • 24/7 Working Studio

Business Growth

  • More Focused Business
  • More Projects

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