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25 Apr 2024

What’s the Role of Renovation Drawings in Remodeling Projects?

Millions of property owners upgrade their living spaces every year. Home remodelers purposefully hire architectural construction drafters to get detailed renovation drawings, 3D floor plans, elevations, and other documents for project planning and presentations.

These drawings could also be the overall layouts in 2D or interactive floor plans illustrating the remodeled space with cabinets, windows, doors, and fixtures.

Even a slight modification requires precise home renovation plans and drawings to ensure seamless construction journeys for everyone involved. Whether you’re supposed to remodel a kitchen space or an entire residential building, you must get your renovation plan drafted by experts like BluEntCAD.

Before delving into our expertise, let’s learn more about renovation drawings and their importance for home builders and remodeling contractors like you.

Intro to Renovation Drawings in Construction

Renovation drawings are the types of construction drawings that guide you through the remodeling details of existing spaces and buildings.

Homebuilders, renovators, and contractors get a detailed picture of a building’s structure, layout, and design through architectural drafting services in the US with proposed changes to be made.

  • The purpose and need for construction drawings for renovation depends on the type of remodeling work the client expects.

    In general, residential remodelers ask for these drawings to modify kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other living areas of an existing home. Only for non-structural upgrades, they may not call for construction documentation in the first place.

  • These drawings include 2D and 3D floor plans to view the renovated space’s spatial modifications comprehensively.

    The floor plan drafting includes all the changes projected for the rooms, walls, windows, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling. The elevation drawings outline the details of exterior renovations, including the new features of facades, walls, doorways, etc.

  • Other elements of the renovation drawings specify structural details such as ceiling heights, designs, and wall dimensions. They also comprise instructions for implementing specific changes in colors, patterns, textures, and finishes in home remodeling plans.

In other words, renovation drawings are detailed technical documents of spaces or buildings that will undergo changes requested by clients.

They guide contractors and construction crews through the remodeling plans, designs, costs, approvals, timelines, and project requirements. Hence, they avoid home renovation mistakes with CAD drafting services.

What are the Types of Renovation Drawings?

Renovation drawings give a glimpse of changes and upgrades to be done to existing spaces. Contractors, architects, and stakeholders count on these drawings to achieve the renovation goals.

Here are the categories of the types of architectural construction drawings for renovation:

Floor Plans

  • Architectural construction drafters provide detailed floor plans with all prerequisite elements to preview the proposed changes to the remodeling space.

  • Contractors, interior designers, stakeholders, and homeowners prefer interactive floor plans in 3D for a more elaborate and realistic view.


Site Plans

  • When homeowners request extra living spaces or exterior alterations, architects and designers must first understand the site’s existing conditions.

  • Site plan drawings greatly help those interested in renovations dedicated to outdoor landscaping, decking, or exterior sitting spaces.


  • For remodeling purposes, project contractors outsource construction documentation services, as they need to inspect the internal structure of the building in sections.

  • Sections are part of renovation drawings. They showcase information on structural and functional changes in the building, enabling them to interpret the aspects of home renovation plans better.

What do Renovation Drawings Comprise?

Existing Conditions Drawings

The all-inclusive CD sets of home remodeling plans present the site’s current condition through floor plans, elevations, and sections. The details of architectural construction drawings provide essential insights into the impact of renovation on the building.

Demolition Plans

  • While drawing renovation plans, construction drafters prioritize removing existing elements and adding new ones.

  • Contractors and renovators foremost check foundation plans and drawings to analyze the strength of the entire building and use demolition plans to safely dismantle the structure or elements if necessary.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Plans

  • If you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom design, these MEP drawings are essential to ensure the proper functioning of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

  • Renovation drawings provide the construction crew with precise technical details and instructions to avoid clashes or errors in the MEP setups. This helps them ensure that all code requirements and safety standards are met.

Finishes and Fixtures

  • Renovation drawings also delineate home remodeling projects’ finishing, furnishings, and fixtures.

  • Besides these, home builders and contractors often use interior 3D renderings and visualizations to get a photorealistic view of the project before renovation begins. This also helps convince the clients and convey their perspectives to the team.


Renovation drawings are detailed architectural drawings that guide homebuilders, remodelers, designers, and contractors to meet project requirements with comprehensive planning, designing, and development knowledge.

Remodeling existing homes is more tedious than building a new structure from scratch. Meeting the expectations of clients who aspire to bring a fresh appeal to their living spaces becomes challenging when the renovation process is not streamlined and transparent.

With expertise in architectural and interior construction drawings and interior and exterior 3D renderings, BluEntCAD is pioneering the mantra of achieving maximum value with exceptionally engineered solutions for the AEC industry.

We also specialize in BIM consulting, millwork shop drawings, tile and stone shop drawings, metal shop drawings, and CAD conversions. Partner with us for construction drawings and 3D rendering services today to start building the home of your client’s expectations!



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