BluEntCAD: A Detailed Guide To Incorporate Wood Into Your Home

Houston; Texas, June 26 2017: Increasingly, architects are embracing bits and pieces of wood, whether in flooring or countertops and other surfaces. Wood is not only for homes. In the last few years, it has invaded modern offices and restaurants, all the spaces that are striving for a cozy, communal feel. At BluEnt wood is used to render both traditional and conventional design themes that is entirely changing the way your space looks and feels.

The SVP at BluEnt, Sajeel Khanna, comments, “Wood has a unique classic quality and is one of the essentials added to the space which brings in an aura of calm and peace – ingredients homeowners are always striving for today”

Wood is an interior décor’s aesthetic that none of the architectural organizations can duplicate. From a piece of furniture furniture to wooden flooring, natural, historically appropriate hardwoods are most popular this year.

Here are 3 most exhaustive ways that BluEnt feels wood should be incorporated into homes.


For BluEnt, wooden flooring is a great investment as it can last a lifetime adding both elegance and glamour to a space. It reflects unsurpassable beauty and incredible strength. Wooden flooring is a combination of traditional aesthetic with the latest eco-friendly characteristics. It has natural insulating abilities, absorbs sound and is ecologically sustainable. When weighing the colour of wood there are options available such as dark wood floors which will leave a space feeling cozy, whereas a lighter shade will make a smaller space feel larger and brighter.

Sajeel adds, “At BluEnt we have millworkers and wooden flooring manufacturers who have been able to catalogue a variety of design options which can be used as per our client’s needs and budget. Our millworkers are experts in customizing the floor to give the look the clients are looking for.


Wood furniture is utilized into nearly any design style and has a durable quality to it. Wooden furniture adds so many different appeals to the interiors such as rustic, country or antique. The natural wood can be used in the dining room; welsh dressers, the sideboards for the living room, solid wood beds and wardrobes in the bedrooms, wooden bath panels and accessories in the bathroom.


Using wood in the kitchen space is becoming more popular than ever and it is more affordable than granite. The wooden accents in the kitchen make the space look even more stylish. A wood worktop does not clash with any existing theme in the kitchen so even if one wants to incorporate a country look, it will only add elegance. For the worktop BluEnt prefers to use oak, walnut or even African teak, as they are all durable.

BluEnt encourages the level of attention paid to the type of wood needed for millwork that allows originality and colour to emerge in the living spaces.

Sajeel comments, “By customizing the home’s millwork BluEnt has been able to enhance every space. We have kept our client’s specific requirements in mind, had a clear vision of the space and built each project with new environment aware technologies.”

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