Digitization transforming every aspect of the architecture business and remolding the construction industry

Houston; Texas, December 26, 2016 : Digitization is completely changing the way any business is done in every industry and sector today. While many construction firms are staggering behind in reshaping their business through the new advancements in technology, BluEntCAD has relentlessly grasped at every opportunity. Digitization has infiltrated and impacted every system and department of the organization. Digitization of processes has helped in improving productivity and resolving problems. It aided in streamlining processes that automatically make projects quicker and successful.

Sajeel Khanna, VIP, adds, “Adding that digital touch has helped us tremendously. We have successfully managed to digitize the required processes that have allowed us to increase productivity and rectify major issues. The key to this success was forming a proper strategy, which aided in reasoning how digitizing certain processes will benefit us”

Apart from using the latest technologies such as CAD, BIM and Digitizing even a small percentage of processes and operations can have a huge impact in the construction industry. BluEntCAD has automated internal operations which has allowed them to save both time and money. They use smartphones and apps to communicate with employees as well. This helps the entire BluEntCAD team to stay up to date, work and coordinate more efficiently.

Sajeel remarks, “We have been able to meet clients demands most effectively through digital technology. We use the internet to connect with them on a regular basis and share required information using our website or emails. This has helped us save a considerable amount of resources.”

The organization has been using the digital platform to make purchases and enhancing construction site logistics. Digitizing the purchase process has helped in saving resources that are then utilized elsewhere. By automating different aspects of logistics, the team gets to spend lesser time on travel and coordination.

BluEntCAD has embraced digitization successfully and managed to pull ahead of the competition. Sajeel comments, “This is the era of digital technology. Everyone industry is getting digitized today. If we want to survive and succeed, we need to adapt to these changes and adopt this new and a more refined way of conducting business operations and processes.”

About BluEntCAD

Headquartered in Texas, U.S., BluEntCAD is specialized in outsourcing millwork shop drawings, architectural design and drafting solutions including – BIM construction documentation, CAD services, AutoCAD to Revit conversion, and BIM consulting services with accolades in U.S., UK, New Zealand, Australia and APAC region.

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