BluEntCAD gives you 4 core reasons to embrace Revit Software

Houston, USA – Monday, October 3, 2017 : BluEntCAD adopted the biggest innovation, Revit Software, in the AEC industry only a while after it was introduced. Since a couple of years we have seen many other organizations increasingly accepting and embracing this software as it has taken the entire construction process to another level. Revit Software has completely transformed the design, drafting and modeling processes at BluEntCAD.

According to one of the artciles, “Autodesk’s Revit suite has the highest market share in the pie of BIM software industry, indicating its acceptance and popularity among the global fraternity of architects.”

When questioned about the reasons for this high acceptance and popularity of Revit Software, BluEntCAD talked about these 4 most influential reasons that globally triggered the switch to Revit.

The cost accuracy and quality documents:

The most significant expectations from the clients has been tapped through this software. Clients look for high quality work at the budget alloted for the project. This is where Revit Software plays a dramatic role.

The automatic generation of bill of quantities (BOQ) in Revit aids in producing the most accurate material quantity takeouts as a by-product in an effortless way. This allows the contractors and owners to to keep the budget of the project in check.

Through Revit, the BluEntCAD drafters have been able to identify the errors/clashes, modify and rectify them way early in the process. This has allowed them to produce high quality documents and at times exceeding client’s expectations.

The parametric building components:

Revit comes with a pre-installed set of parametric building components. The new designs created by designers and drafters can also be stored in the Revit Software. The customized designs can be used as quick references in multiple projects for other prospective clients – saving both time and money.

The preview:

BluEntCAD perceives this reason to be most valuable and benefitial to the construction industry. With conceptual design being an asset to the construction sector, Revit Parametric modeling successfully meets the requirements.

The BluEntCAD designers have been able to sketch through a floor layout plan and instantly changes the existing structure designs. This has enabled them to show great quality previews to their clients. The team have been able to provide different design ideas to their clients.

Coordination and Fexibility:

The use of Revit Software has allowed the BluEntCAD team to function in a more professional and disciplined form enabling them to produce high quality work in a lesser amount of time.

Revit has improved the overall coordination as it has unified all the elements such as design, drafting, facility management and other related processes in a single environment. All stakeholders involved in the specific project are constantly updated and aware of their responsibilities.

Revit Software enables all architecture designs to be stored in single project file. Thus, multiple members from varied platforms can work on the same documents and merge their modifications with every save.

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