BluEntCAD highlights the impact of mixed reality on architectural design

Houston; Texas, July 24th 2017: The years 2014 to 2017 have seen a strong influence of technology in every industry around the globe.

The AEC industry is facing one of the biggest transformations in the design processes. Recently, we have seen the emergence of new mixed reality devices in the commercial markets. These have been designed for those working with mixed realities and virtual spaces.

According to one of the articles, “Mixed Reality enables more dynamic and realistic perception of the computer designed world.” MR can be used as both an independent concept where it combines the best of both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). With rapid progress made in this field and a better access to MR hardware such as Microsoft HoloLens, the AEC industry is incorporating this new concept in their projects. BluEntCAD is one such organization.

According to Sajeel Khanna, SVP, “Mixed Reality is a space where both the digital and the real objects co-exist. Our team of experts is capable of transforming this digital content into physical objects. It is a platform where the construction design seamlessly and flawlessly connects with reality.”

Mixed reality has helped in closing the gap between real and virtual with the visualization of the digitized content as holograms or real world objects. This has enabled the AEC industry to reduce the core issues that currently exists in the workflow such as reducing the number of minutest errors that have led to increase in costs in the past, causing substantial delays during the entire construction process.

MR has given the architects an opportunity to get the models out of the screen. This has helped the clients and stakeholders to interact and engage with the design at a deeper level.

In response to how this has positively affected client’s interaction with design, Sajeel said, “Using digital content and holograms has enabled the clients to take a walk around and explore the design in real 3D. This they can now do without any guidance from our professionals who earlier would have to help them and or dictate their own personal understanding of the design. It has laid out an opportunity for our clients to interact easily with the objects and simultaneously give visual feedback to the team.”

MR helps in carrying out an effective design process and flawlessly meeting client expectations. It has been addressing specific crucial issues that exists in the construction industry today thus gaining a lot of significance in the AEC industry.

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