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Consider These Home Rendering Ideas for Your Next Modeling project

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Bored with the same walls? Exterior finish of your house is not exciting anymore? Or are you just looking for ideas to renovate your property? Home rendering can work wonders for you, but only if you know the right trends. Stay with us to find out what’s hot in 2018!

You can go for a bulldozer to your place and build everything from scratch. Or you can not be a bull and go for cheap yet extremely effective artistic renderings of homes. Your choice, amigo! Home rendering has gained momentum in the last few years, mainly because it adds value to your property at a lesser cost than actual renovation. For any potential buyer or visitor, your house exterior is the first thing that they see and well, we all know that the first impression is the last impression.

Home Rendering

You can ensure that your house has the maximum curb appeal, especially if you are looking to sell your property immediately. We’ve worked with several clients who have older properties and let us tell you – rendering works wonders for giving your houses the much-needed makeover.

Umm…okay. Thank you. I am a little new. Exactly what are you talking about?

What is render?

To render means applying a coating to the exterior of a property. The two main reasons why rendering is preferred are:

  1. For protecting the walls from natural weathering, rainwater and dampness
  2. For accentuating the aesthetics
“There are several rendering choices and ideas you can get inspired from. Just get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help!”

Here are just some more reasons why house rendering is good for your next project:

  1. Aesthetics – We all know what makeover does to one’s personality. Consider new home renderings a makeover for your property. You not only brighten up the dull walls but also facelift your entire house and its surroundings.
  2. Moisture and Dampness Prevention – As much as you hate seeing your walls going wet, it is dangerous for water to penetrate. It weakens the structure and subsequently its life. Adding render to your house prevents dampness from occurring.
  3. Improved Thermal PerformanceRendering provides an insulating effect too. Consider getting full external insulation done if you’re thinking about exterior rendering.

One of the main reasons why we ask our clients to go for home renderings is the fact that your home is your sanctuary. Gone are the days when properties comprised of 4 walls and some doors and windows. Modern-day consumers – be it families or office workers – are looking for places that they feel at home in. Being able to work in an environment which speaks to you has been proven to boost productivity and spread happy thoughts, which is why, most offices have made the transition from dull, drab whites and greys to splashes of colors and appealing cabins. Same goes for houses. Every family wants to make their house speak their individuality.

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At BluEntCAD, our 3D artists have several tricks up their sleeves to make your ideas more engaging for your buyers or renters. We offer both interior and exterior render drawings for your property. We keep looking for the newest trends in the AEC industry for covering scale, space and layout for your next modeling project.

Home Rendering

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends of 2018

  • Sycon Walls and Façade

    We get a lot of 3D home renderings with requests for Sycon walls, so we decided to keep this one first. Property owners are increasingly opting for contemporary styles which accent the architectural perspective of the building. A great way to achieve this fusion is with sycon walls. By incorporating individual styles within color and myriad styles, sycon walls open up a world of possibilities.

    Exterior Rendering

  • Rooted to the ground with Hygge

    Hygge is a Nordic word and has become the in-vogue for the last couple of years. The hygge render is all about being thankful for the bounties of nature.

    From the design perspective, Hygge is inculcating earthy tones and textural finishes into our houses and offices – so as to make our living spaces spots where we can unwind and slow down. Especially popular with the new age families who are on a mission to be true and honest to themselves, their houses need not be big; but they must be simple and homely.

    The focus in Hygge is on natural materials and choosing earthy and neutral color house renderings. These create a harmonious ambiance.

    Interior Design

  • Dollhouse Views and Renders

    The traditional, Victorian style architecture of dollhouses is not going out of fashion. Not anytime soon. We’ve all seen how gorgeous these look and the appeal they carry. Dollhouse renders are literal translations of 2D blueprints and have a top-down perspective with a slight isometric angle for creating depth. These are fantastic and are often the first priority for many of our clients when they contact us for 3D house rendering.

  • Mid-Century modernist look

    Sajeel Khanna, VP, BluEntCAD says, “I really cannot tell you how many modern day fusions I come across everyday. Mid-century modern home renders have gained momentum in the recent years and I have a firm belief that they are going to remain the hot trend in 2018. The clean lines, gabled roofs, large picture windows and dramatic edges shroud these houses with a tint of modern dipped in history.”

    Mid-century modern home renders

    The highlight of exterior elevations for houses on this theme is the combination of long horizontal lines, easily achievable with Sycon walls.

  • Sustainable Renders

    As the focus from expensive, high-maintenance material shifts to environmental conservation, exterior materials which are low-maintenance, durable and sustainable are gaining traction. Sustainable living and design is the need of the hour and materials which facilitate this are increasingly being used in new home rendering ideas.

  • Getting up close and personal

    We’ve mentioned before how modern day buyers crave for imprinting their property with their own style. We totally support this as well. “Modern day consumer is against mass-produced garbage. He wants his ideology to reflect in the way he dresses, the way he eats and at the place he lives. Be it minimalistic or fancy, the consumer of today wants his house to be unique. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard from my clients ‘I want my house to be my echo’, says Sajeel.

    Realistic Rendering

    So, how do you get a personalized space? It’s quite simple actually. You can add interest and drama to your exterior by experimenting with colors and textures.

    Or “you can tell us what you want and we can do justice to your home renderings drawings. We promise we’ll try our best!”

  • Textures and Neutrals

    One of the very few trends that carried over from 2017 into 2018 is the preference for contrasting textures on exterior and interior. Emphasis on blending different textures and styles across surfaces is very popular and gives designers a lot of opportunities to get creative. Different textures often liven up neutral looks and mixing your neutral color scheme with different textures will add more character to your space. That being said, the love for neutral is not going away anytime soon. However, their subtlety can be enhanced with different materials within one color palette. You can make the texture an emphasis of your design by adding similar paints on your façade.

We hope these trends will be useful for your next project. Do let us know if you require house rendering drawings. We’d be happy to help out!

Maximum Value. Achieved.

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