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24 Jan 2020

Latest Home Rendering Trends 2020

Tired of your dull, drab and sad walls? Exterior fading away? Planning to renovate an old house? Home rendering trends can work wonders for you. But wait.

Are you keeping up with the latest home rendering trends? No? Don’t worry. In today’s blog, we discuss the hottest home rendering trends of 2020.

Houses are like stories. Whether you’re writing a new one or working on an old idea, effective editing transforms everything. Similarly, whether you’re building a new house or renovating an old one, creative artistic renderings of homes uplifts your curb appeal drastically.

Exterior rendering has gained momentum in the last few years, mainly because it allows you to view changes to the outer appearance of your house without further construction, rework or demolition.

Most real estate brokers and architectural firms are using home rendering trends extensively to attract buyers and investors as well. For any potential customer or visitor, a house’s exterior is the first thing they notice – and we all know what they say about first impressions.

With house renderings, you can ensure that the house grabs attention, especially if you want to sell it immediately. We’ve worked with several clients with old properties and let us tell you – rendering works wonders. By removing the neglect and weathering over the years, rendering gives houses a much-needed makeover.

Home Rendering

Before you tread the deep waters, get the basics right.

What is rendering?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines rendering as “the action of applying plaster to a wall.” In essence, this is what is done during exterior rendering.

Rendering gives exteriors a smooth finish and protects brickwork against rainwater, rough wind, harsh sunlight, and moisture. To avoid cracks, conventional renders are built up in two or three coats.

Modern-day renders are a world away from their whitewashed Victorian ancestors. There are several specialist renders to choose from, such as cement, polymer, pigmented colors, and lime.

There are two main reasons why rendering is done:

  • For protecting walls from natural weathering, rainwater, and moisture.

  • To accentuate the exteriors for increasing the curb appeal.

Apart from this, external house rendering also makes buildings more eco-friendly. Around 30% of the energy from your house is lost to external walls. Modern-day renders are generally acrylic insulated, which upgrades your energy efficiency without compromising the interior space.

Home rendering impacts:

  • Aesthetics of a House – We all know what transformation a makeover brings. Consider new home renderings for your property, akin to a makeover. Rendering facelifts your entire house and its surroundings.

  • Moisture and Dampness – Water seepage on walls, in addition to looking bad, is dangerous. It weakens the structure and subsequently lowers the life of the walls. Renders are water-repellant and prevent dampness.

  • Thermal Performance of the House – Rendering provides an insulating effect too – consider getting it done if your walls are poorly insulated or are insufficiently weathertight.

Thinking about rendering your house? Get inspired by the latest trends of 2020!
  • Sycon Walls: 2020’s Hot Cakes

    We get a lot of requests for 3D home renderings to include Sycon walls; so, we decided to discuss this first.

    Property owners are increasingly opting for contemporary styles that accent a building’s architectural perspective – and Sycon walls help achieve this fusion. By incorporating individual styles, colors, and layouts, Sycon walls create an aesthetically appealing and modern finish.

  • Rediscovering Roots with Hygge

    “Hygge” is a Danish word best described as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”. Hygge has been in vogue for the last couple of years, synonymous with being thankful for nature’s bounties.

    From a design perspective, Hygge includes earthy tones and textural finishes in houses and offices, converting living spaces into idyllic spots. This render is extremely popular with new-age families who are on a mission to be true and honest to themselves. Their motto is – the house needn’t be big, but it must be homely and simple.

    The focus in Hygge is using natural materials and earthy, neutral-color house renderings for creating a harmonious ambiance.

  • Dollhouse Views and Renders

    The traditional, Victorian-style architecture of dollhouses is not going out of fashion any time soon. And rightly so. We’ve all seen how gorgeous they look and the appeal they carry.

    Dollhouse renders are literal translations of 2D blueprints and bear a top-down perspective with slight isometric angling to create an illusion of depth. These look fantastic and are often the priority of many of our clients when they contact us for 3D house rendering.

  • Mid-Century Modernist Look

    Sajeel Khanna, VP, BluEntCAD says, “Mid-century modern home renders have taken the center stage in recent years and I have a firm belief that they’re going to retain their position in 2020 as well. The clean lines, gabled roofs, large picture windows, and dramatic edges swathe these houses with just a tinge of modernity dipped in history.”

    The highlight of exterior elevations for houses rendered with this theme is a combination of long horizontal lines, easily achievable with Sycon walls.

  • Sustainable Renders

    Let’s talk nature for a minute. Sustainable building designs are the need of the hour and materials that facilitate this are increasingly being used in new home renderings.

    Modern homeowners pride themselves in being responsible citizens and their growing concern for nature has resulted in a shift from expensive, high-maintenance materials to environmentally safe exterior materials that are low-maintenance, durable, and sustainable.

  • Getting Up Close and Personal

    We’ve mentioned before how modern-day homeowners crave a personal relationship with their property. We support this. Your house should speak about who you are as an individual, through design, interior décor, choice of colors, and exterior wall finishes.

    “The modern-day consumer is against mass-produced garbage. He wants his ideology to be reflected in his attire, his eating habits, and his house. Minimalistic or fancy, today’s consumer wants his house to be unique. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard from my clients, ‘I want my house to be my echo’,” says Sajeel.

    So, how do you get a personalized space? Just increase the interest and drama around your exterior by experimenting with bold colors and striking textures.

    Or you can tell us what you want and we’ll do justice to your home renderings drawings
  • Textures and Neutrals

    One of the few trends that carried over from 2017 to 2020 is the preference for contrasting textures on both house exteriors and interiors. The emphasis on blending different textures and styles across surfaces is still popular and gives designers a lot of room for creativity. Contrasting textures liven up a neutral background and add character to walls.

    The love for neutrals, regardless, is not fading any time soon, but their subtlety is usually enhanced via different colors from a single palette. The trend also makes textures pop out by adding similar paints on the façade.

The BluEntCAD Advantage

One of the main reasons why we ask our clients to choose home renderings is because we believe the home is a sanctuary and not just four walls, some doors, and windows. Being able to work or live in a nurturing environment boosts productivity, encourages happy thoughts, and culminates into a long, content, and healthy life.

At BluEntCAD a 3D rendering company artists have several tricks up their sleeves to make your ideas come to life. We offer both interior and exterior 3D rendering services for your property. We hope these trends will be useful for your next project – and we’d be happy to assist you with your requirements.

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