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29 Aug 2019

How to Decorate Your Studio Apartment

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How does one go about furnishing these tiny places? You’ve likely seen pictures of studio apartments with fairy lights and fluffy duvets, but your space can also assume a sleeker tone. Here’s how you can turn your scaled-down home unit into a welcoming, stylish wonderland:

  • Don’t think of your space as a single room; instead, divide it into distinguishable zones. Your bed can be separated from the rest of the room with a bookshelf, a curtain, or even a sofa at its foot, which would indicate the beginning of a sitting area. You can also make use of carpets, which ‘draw lines’ over the floor to signal specific sections.

  • Banquette seating has long been popular in restaurants, but is finding its place in homes as well. These built-in benches allow you to maximize your use of space while adding a cozy air. A trestle table or pedestal works nicely with it, since it will be easier for you to slide along the bench.

  • Keep the bed as far away from the door as possible. You want to create the illusion of a separate sleeping area.

  • Big mirrors are more than a style statement – they give the impression of greater space. A well-placed mirror can also lessen visual clutter and amplify light. For instance, you could put one opposite a window or behind a lamp.

  • Pick smaller lights or wall sconces, or even better, recessed lights (which take up no extra space), since the size of lighting fixtures does not affect their capacity to provide light.

  • Since apartments are usually ‘boxy’, with sharp edges, adding some curves will soften the look and add visual diversity. Consider investing in a round coffee table or backless round stools. (You could even throw in round cushions, oval photo frames, and so on.) These items also take up less space than square or rectangular ones.

  • Use white window frames. They will enhance natural light and lend an airy, delicate feel to your apartment. You can also choose to leave your windows bare.

  • Maximize your space by choosing your furniture carefully. Put stools under the table that you can pull out, instead of chairs that will clutter up your dining area. Employ multi-purpose furniture, such as sofabeds. You can also use objects that can fold away when you’re not using them, such as drop-leaf tables and Murphy beds.

  • Got tall ceilings? Create some usable space by building a loft. For example, you could make a sleeping area in the loft and utilize the space underneath as your private office.

  • On the other hand, if your apartment has low ceilings, opt for lower furniture that’s still comfortable and give it some energy with bright colours. (On that note, downsized furniture in general is a good idea in studio apartments.)

  • Want more space for your photo frames, succulents and books? Wall shelves are a great option and lend a quirky look to your space.

  • White is a great colour for walls, but don’t be afraid to go a little off the beaten path. Hues such as teal, beige, navy blue, and even pearl-grey can elicit delight.

  • The size of your apartment does not have to affect how interesting it is. Throw in some bright art or funky pieces of furniture. These items won’t add the impression of roominess, but they will lend a sense of vibrancy. Just don’t go overboard with them, or they’ll clutter up your space!

  • No place to store your bicycle? No problem. Taking inspiration from LABLstudio, you can treat your bicycle as a work of art by hanging it on a rack on your wall.

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