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03 May 2019

Spruce Up Spaces for Spring

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Spring is finally in the air! After a dreary and cold winter the sunshine, flower blossoms and cool breeze are welcome beyond words. Creating spring spaces in your home is necessary to bring spring home and enjoy this season of color, warmth and blossoms.

Start with a little spring cleaning

It’s all about making decisions, that is, if over the winter you probably have gathered enough stuff to fill up living spaces with no room to spare. To be able to add life and color to your home you need to create space by throwing out some collected-over-the-years clutter. Keep only those things around you that you love as clutter can be distracting and overwhelming. So step 1 to spring spruce up – throw out or donate to charity the stuff you have not used in a year.

Creative ideas for interiors

Spring is the time for change, sunlight and fresh blooming flowers. You don’t necessarily need to spend a bomb to bring color and life into your home for spring this season. Think outside the box and use household items in innovative ways to make all the difference. Some creative ideas and these handy tips will do the trick!

Color me plenty

Add color to any dull rooms and spaces and it spells spring. Flower arrangements, colorful furnishings and pastel candles can make any corner look like its straight out of interior design catalogue.

  • Paint a single wall of a room in a favorable color – aqua blues or turquoise and spring greens are great this season. But decide the color according to the size of the room, small rooms look smaller with dark wall paint. Make this wall the attractive item in the room by hanging paintings and wall hangings on it and aligning furniture along it. Make sure the wall paint matches other objects and fabrics in the room.

  • Use color in fabrics, elements and furnishing etc to bring in that spring feeling. Spring is the right season to get creative with color. Add colorful elements such as glass bowls with colorful beads or arrange stained glass paintings on windows to let ‘colorful’ sunlight in. Add ornaments in larger serving pieces as centre pieces or window sill ornaments.

  • A colorful cotton rug is a wonderful way of creating a conversation area, as well as bringing in a cool, breezy feeling into your rooms. Find one that has the color and style you like and which complements your room. Lay it at angles to be interesting.

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