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CAD Drafting and Conversions for Residential Projects (Architectural and Structural Disciplines)

About Birchwood Properties

Birchwood Properties is owned and managed by a group of professionals with experience in housing, land and real estate development.

They are known for infusing their single-family and multifamily homes with bright open interiors and exquisite exterior details, all designed to create ideal homes for modern living.

Company-wide, they are committed to encourage energy-efficiency and sustainability in their work. PrograF/X, another client of BluEnt, was the CAD drafting partner for Birchwood Properties Corp.

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Project requirements

Project Requirements

  • Homes with double attached garages, show homes

  • Cougar Ridge Project: single-family homes

  • Jack & Jill: side-by-side homes

  • Coachman’s Crossings: villas with intricate craftsman detailing

  • Individual homes

Project Challenges

Project Challenges

  • Different specifications and guidelines for each project: The garage homes set had a typical arch checklist to be followed. Show projects were to be mirrored as per the client’s specifications.

  • Inputs: PDFs/scanned images with markups and redlines.

  • Each floor plan was divided into two images: We had to join the two images and draft the redlines/markups provided. This was challenging and time consuming as the files’ names were quite confusing and the information was not organized.

  • Dependant and sequential drawing sets: This made assigning more than one architect on a single drawing/project challenging.

  • Last-minute changes in design

  • Tight deadlines

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The BluEnt Approach

  • BluEnt started with the first project, which consisted of 3 garage homes and 2 porches. These homes were designed with 2 options, A & B, and as per the redlines and checklist.

  • For P4 &P5, we converted the structural drawings to AutoCAD.

  • Drafting for Jack & Jill, Coachman’s Crossings, and various individual homes was successfully completed.

  • Daily updates and weekly meetings were scheduled to continuously review the progress of the projects.

Maximum Value.

Maximum Value. Achieved.

  • Drafting of 40+ residential projects of different types was successfully completed.

  • BluEnt worked in two phases with this client.

  • Time zone advantage was effectively used as the volume of work and project deliverables required on a daily basis was high.

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