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02 Nov 2016

Aging gracefully in your homes…Make it your own remodeling trend

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People don’t renovate or remodel their homes with changing seasons. Usually, their homes look the same for years in proportions and size unless they believe in making frequent additions. Renovating a home means that you get to add something new to your already existing living spaces. While some remodeling work is minimal, others may be pretty extravagant.

There are innumerous reasons why homeowners choose to renovate or remodel their existing homes. Sometimes the families outgrow in number and hence an extra room is required or they want to add value to their living space. They may even want to put a room to a different use and hence it might need remodeling.  So when homeowners remodel it’s either based on their interests or it is about catching up with the latest trend. Renovating based on current or future trends help the homeowners to improve the odds of recouping the cost they put into it. Either way they love the positive change that surfaces with a renovation.

People definitely understand the concept of space’s value. They do certain specific things to increase that value as much as they can. There’s also the ‘aesthetically pleasing effect’ that remodeling any part or portion of the home can do for the entire house in general. A new kitchen with modern appliances or a spa-like bathroom goes a long way in giving your home a very different look or feel.

Everyone wants a comfortable space since they spend most of their time at home when not engaged in other activities and remodeling helps them do just that.

Here are some reasons why you should look at remodeling your living spaces:

Styles change over the years and trends in design move really fast. So keeping up with the latest trends and styles helps you give a minor facelift. You would want your home to have the best appeal. So creating a modernized living space will make your place more comfortable and functional. Whether you love to cook and spend a lot of time in your kitchen or you spend a lot of time in your room, you would want your space to be as comfortable as possible.

Going for a greener home. When you end up paying an exorbitant amount for your utilities green remodeling becomes increasingly important. It ensures that you save some money and also boosts the value of your home. You can upgrade your homes by investing in natural materials, fibers, and energy efficient appliances.  You can add LED lightings; replace single pane windows with energy efficient windows.

When your family is expanding it becomes necessary to remodel. If your kids are young and they aren’t looking at changing schools anytime soon, your family will not be shifting anywhere in the near future. So why not make your home suitable for the future now? As your young kids become teenagers it won’t be possible for all your kids to share the same bathroom or sleep in the same room. They might even need more closet space or you may need to increase your storage area.

When going through your senior years, if you are looking at staying in your existing home, it makes sense to clean out and simplify your homes. With kids moving out it is significant for you to upgrade your living space with age in place features. You can plan on replacing bathtubs with easy set-in showers or special toilets for those in wheelchairs or limited mobility.

Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom can go a long way in giving your home a pleasing look and feel. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where your family and friends spend a lot of their time there. So you must keep it functional as per the modern trends and aesthetically pleasing. You could think of replacing your stove or getting new cabinets and refrigerators. In bathrooms, you can always look at putting in new plumbing or adding different lighting.

Another reason to remodel could be when you are looking to sell your home. In this case both the external and internal appearance matter. It is significant to raise the value and sales potential. Your home is more marketable if you upgrade some key areas that look tired and worn such as the kitchen or bathroom. Adding fresh paint or cleaning the shutters or even adding a new roof can make the entire house seem appealing to a prospective buyer.

If you are looking to remodel any portion of your home or bringing about more positive energy, write to us. We will help you come up with modern solutions to make your space trendy and comfortable at the same time.



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