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23 Jul 2018

The Effect of 3D Rendering on Real Estate Marketing Brochures

Will 3D rendering images make a difference to your marketing strategy? Let’s see…

A customer is keen to purchase a home you’re building. You show them the floor plan. They study it and try to decipher what their home will look like. In turn, you show them a 3D rendering. They immediately get a clear vision and can easily decide what they would like to do next.

3D rendering has become an integral part of the construction documentation. Today it is common for project documentation to include several 3D rendered images. These images have a realistic touch to them and display depth.

3D Rendered images are used for several purposes in the construction documentation. The engineer, architect, and contractor use them to convey their ideas and concepts in a visual format. It adds clarity and reduces the margin for misunderstandings. Email UsGet in touch with our experts to know more about 3D Rendering E-mail:
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What is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is a relatively newer introduction to the architectural domain. Some people are familiar with 3D rendering, but many are not certain they understand exactly what 3D rendering is.

Rendering is the process of making a 2D image look like 3D. This is done by adding effects and texture. The textures comprise of different aspects such as colour, reflection and diffusion to make it look realistic. The effect of shadows and lighting give the image depth and dimension.

Role of 3D rendering in architecture

Now that you have a basic idea of what rendering is, you are probably wondering how it fits in with the architecture. 3D rendering has made a world of difference to the construction industry.

Imagine this scene: An architect is explaining how the moulding on a pillar should look, to a contractor. The contractor conjures up a totally different image in his mind, and just can’t get it. The architect’s sketches do not help. A 3D rendered image enters the scene and suddenly everything is clear as daylight. All the stake holders are on the same page. They know exactly what they are talking about.

What are real estate marketing brochures?

A real estate developer needs to sell a certain percentage of the real estate project before the construct begins. This sale funds the start of the construction. A general real estate brochure will include a floor plan and architectural sketches of the project as a whole. The architectural sketches enable the potential buyer to get a rough visual of what the project will look like. The floor plan defines the layout of the project. With a bit of guidance from the marketing agent, the prospective buyer can figure out the basic layout and interior dimensions.

Visuals are an essential part of any marketing brochure. The real estate industry has suffered a lot in this area. The number of images is limited, for a project which hasn’t even begun or is midway under construction. To sell the project they need images of the finished product. 3D rendering has been a big boon to the real estate sector, especially where marketing is concerned.

Purpose of a Real Estate Marketing Brochures

You’ve probably guessed this one right. A real estate marketing brochure showcases the project. Once again we need to reiterate the need for good images to create an impressive visual of the real estate project.

3D rendering has done wonders for real estate brochures. We can create graphical representations of buildings which look absolutely real, but still do not exist. This image shows the buyer what they are going to get.

Benefits of 3D rendering in a Real Estate Marketing brochure

There are several benefits to including 3D renderings in your real estate marketing brochure. Let’s take for instance a brochure for a housing complex.

With 3D rendering, you can see what the interiors of your new home will look like. The visual creates an enticing appeal. The layout of the home become apparent and you can see exactly where each room is, in relation to the next. It is almost like viewing a miniature of your future home.

This kind of visual speeds up the decision-making process. A potential buyer can literally tell you on the spot if they are going to buy. What more can you ask for? This is the effect of 3D rendering brochures.

Similarly, for any real estate project, 3D rendering shows you exactly what the construction will look like. 3D renderings can be made for the interiors as well as exteriors. Including 3D rendering in the real estate brochure is like adding a photograph of the project even before it is built.

3D Rendering Services

The need for 3D rendered images in a real estate marketing brochure has been clearly defined. The next step is to identify where you can get high quality3D rendering for a manageable cost.

3D rendering is a specialised service. It produces the desired image using a specialised 3D modelling software. The creative skill of the workman defines the overall quality of 3D rendering. 3D renderings can be created using various different software. Autodesk Revit is a popular 3D rendering software.

3D rendering services are not very common. BluEnt is among one of the popular choices for 3D rendering. We create 3D rendering images after taking into consideration the purpose and various related aspects.


If you are designing a real estate marketing brochure, incorporating 3D renderings in there is a necessity. If you want your brochure to have an impact, let us help you with 3D rendering.

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