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03 May 2021

5 Reasons Outsourcing Construction Documentation Services Will Be a Win For Your Business

It’s never been more challenging for construction companies to set themselves apart in the building industry.  One answer to this is outsourcing construction documentation services.

We know, we know. “Outsourcing” can be a loaded word. However, it saves the average employee 69 entire working days per year.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has made remote working not just acceptable, but preferred in some cases. According to Deloitte, it will likely lead to a surge in outsourcing in general.

So let’s jump in.


Construction documentation consists of a set of drawings that are used by contractors and other professionals to build the components of a structure as specified by the client and architect.

These drawings are referred to as architectural construction documents. They include drawings (structural drawings, foundation plans, framing plans, schedules, etc.), material properties, design loads, geotechnical information, and other information.

5 Reasons Outsourcing CD Will Boost Your ROI

  • Quality Control

    According to a Clutch survey, 24% of small businesses outsource specifically to increase efficiency.

    Since architectural construction drawings are used by all the AEC experts working on a project, even one mistake can cause dozens of problems once implementation begins.

    Training in-house employees in the skills and complex software needed is a lengthy and costly process. It also does not guarantee the quality your business requires.

    Experienced drafting companies give you access to industry professionals with a variety of specializations.

    CAD outsourcing thus allows you to rest easy knowing that your architectural construction documentation is in the hands of experts while you concentrate on your firm’s core areas of proficiency.

  • Project Experience & Security

    A misconception about CAD outsourcing is that it always leads to operational inefficiencies and data security concerns.

    In actuality, it often reduces these issues in comparison to in-house drafting teams.

    Outsourcing construction documentation services enables you to create safeguards such as confidentiality agreements that protect against data theft and leakage.

    Furthermore, it is relatively easy to determine the reliability of construction documentation services, based on their past clients, projects, and professionalism in communications.

    If you want an example of a CAD portfolio, check this one out.

  • Timely Delivery

    Punctual delivery is the hallmark of any reliable CAD drafting company.

    Through open communication, you should be able to track their progress in your agreed-upon time schedule throughout the project and receive the drawings on or before the deadline.

  • Bigger and Better Projects

    When you have a large number of clients, the process of preparing construction drawings & documentation can be tedious.

    Small- to medium-sized construction firms often cite a scarcity of resources and manpower as an obstacle to revenue.

    Furthermore, demand fluctuations in the market can dramatically transform your drafting needs over a period of months.

    In these cases, outsourcing CAD is the best way of generating as many documents as you require at the lowest possible cost.

    A recent NBS report showed that one of the major problems faced by the construction industry is an inability to complete construction within budget.

    When you outsource CAD drafting services, you can forego office expenses such as equipment, space, and of course, compensation for extra in-house staff.

    In addition, CAD outsourcing companies can provide you with a quote upfront. This allows you to compare different pricing models and waive the risk of cost escalation down the line.

  • Access to the Latest Technology

    Keeping up with technological advancements and trends through an in-house team requires hefty expenses, training, and dedication.

    Neglecting these advancements not only puts you behind the competition, but creates serious CAD conversion problems later on.


If you’ve read till here, you’re probably highly motivated to find the right CAD drafting company for your business needs.

BluEntCAD has served most of the US’ major homebuilders at least once since its conception in 2003. We also serve real estate developers, large architectural and engineering companies, custom home designers, and residential architects.

We use cutting-edge CAD & BIM software as a vessel of exploring what’s possible in construction drawings & documentation. Check out our case studies to delve deeper into how we can help you.

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