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Interior Design Drawings – Types of Floor Plan Layouts

A floor plan layout is an interior design drawing that shows the bird’s eye view of a property without its roof. Floor plans allow potential buyers and investors understand

Architect Landscaping Design: Discover the Benefits of a Good Landscaping Architect

It’s not just for decoration.

Architectural landscaping translates to a life that is healthier and more sustainable.

Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization vs Architectural Illustration: What You Need to Know

Architectural plans are older than you think.

The earliest ones were created over 4,000 years ago, by the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians.


Three Things You Should Look For In A Millwork Drafting Partner

Elegance. Warmth. Character.

These are among the hallmarks of millwork – or, at least, of good millwork.

COVID-19 vs. The Interior Design Industry: What Lies Ahead?

It has been months since we welcomed the New Year, 2020.

It has also been months with billions of people inside their homes, praying for the safety of their loved

Why a Real Estate Feasibility Study is a Smart Investment

Any property that you own – residential or commercial – is a valuable asset. But its inherent worth lies in how you develop it.

Green Up Your Interior Design Drafting with Biophilia

For a long time, architecture and construction were blamed for adding to an already polluted environment. Modern-day buildings, in the words of Architect Magazine,

Is Construction an Essential Service?

Across the country, an increasing number of states are issuing ‘shelter in place’ or ‘stay at home’ orders, or are closing non-essential services altogether.

How will the Coronavirus Pandemic Impact the Construction Industry?

From tariffs and labor shortages to the upcoming US presidential elections, the AEC industry trudged into 2020 anxious about several unknowns.

commercial rendering

6 Façade Styles for Commercial 3D Exterior Rendering Projects

Constructing a commercial complex is different to constructing a residential project. While energy production and consumption

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