• Architecture

    Unapologetic, Naked and Bold: Brutalist Architecture

    Contrary to popular assumption that Brutalism is derived from the word 'brutal', it more likely comes from the French term béton brut, which means 'raw concrete'.

    How to Design Mixed-Use Buildings

    This blog has been updated on – May 18, 2022 Mixed use buildings, which have both residential and commercial elements, generally require more construction documentation than regular buildings. This is especially true if the project is large and complex, with varying floor plans and layouts.

    How 3D Artists Elicit Emotions With Architectural Rendering

    Interior rendering of dining space by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – April 27, 2022 Photorealistic 3D rendering isn’t just about creating an architectural space. It’s also about eliciting the right emotions so you can sell your work with a distinct competitive advantage. 3D artists are crucial to emotional marketing, and today, we’ll ...

  • Building Information Modeling

    A Definitive List of the Top 6 BIM Software

    Modern architecture at a bay by Tristan Tan Contrary to popular assumption, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not a software. Having said that, software is a vital part of the BIM process, whether we’re talking scan to BIM, Revit modeling, or clash detection. And so, we come to the next natural question: which software is ...

    Bridging the Gap between BIM & Residential Owners

    There is a misconception that BIM is meant only for large projects with complex geometries. With the right preparation and strategic planning, however, the adoption of BIM can be swift and effective for small firms.

    BIM vs CAD: What to Choose and When

    CAD conversion by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – April 22, 2022 BIM vs CAD. To truly make the most of your construction or renovation projects, you need to know what Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) are each best suited for, as well as their relation to each other.

  • Bio-Architecture

    Make Space for Nature

    The achievements of man are meaningless. In the end, nothing remains. One must return to the womb of nature. Could the exponents of built design imagine a space which includes nature without trimming her natural design?

    The Curious Case of Biomimicry

    Bios means life, and mimesis is to imitate. Coined by an American academic and inventor, Otto Schmitt. Bio mimicry in architecture and design is popularized by the famous biologist Janine M. Benyus.

    Going Green – Green Architecture

    Building and construction have a great effect on the environment. In the US, buildings alone account for 40–49% of energy consumption, 25% of water consumption, and 70% of total energy consumption.

  • Construction Tech

    Top Wearables to Keep an Eye On

    The use of wearable technology is exploding in popularity across construction sites. Step into the future and take your construction project to the next level with these wearables:

    Robots are Real

    An aged population stares the industry in the eye. Does one deliberate or act?

    The Techie Way or Not? Conserving Heritage Buildings

    The possibility of technology serving humankind to rekindle the lost shine of our older buildings is a budding promise. 3D laser scanning is offering a remote means of logging friable historical structures in the form of 3D modules.

  • Contributors

    The Lever and Fulcrum of Enterprises is Outsourcing

    Information Technology positions our daily activities and businesses in an increasingly global context. The practice of architecture is no exception. Architectural Evangelist presents new scenarios for Workshare and defines the ways.

    Architectural Marvels: The Great Wall of China

    Standing tall, mighty, and unmoved over millennia, the 4,000 miles (6,500 km) long Great Wall of China is an architectural wonder of epic significance. The Great Wall is the largest ever built structure in terms of mass and surface area.

    The New Face of Outsourcing: Knowledge Process Outsourcing

    Knowledge process outsourcing is believed to increase productivity and improve efficiency. Manufactures and construction companies are also finding it increasingly beneficial to outsource projects rather than invest in infrastructure.

  • Insights

    Creating Infrastructure for People with Disabilities

    Universal Design is "a process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving human performance, health and wellness, and social participation" (Steinfeld and Maisel, 2012).

    The Techie Way or Not? Conserving Heritage Buildings

    The possibility of technology serving humankind to rekindle the lost shine of our older buildings is a budding promise. 3D laser scanning is offering a remote means of logging friable historical structures in the form of 3D modules.

    The first push is the hardest: On the nature of consumption

    The first cost mentality is the manifestation of a fixed mindset. A significant amount of thought has been shared and several opinions have done the rounds in the years gone by.

  • Perspective

    Unapologetic, Naked and Bold: Brutalist Architecture

    Contrary to popular assumption that Brutalism is derived from the word 'brutal', it more likely comes from the French term béton brut, which means 'raw concrete'.

    Books Every Architect Should Read

    'Who reads these days?' is a common response when someone is asked, in idle conversation, if he or she has been reading anything interesting.

    How to Decorate Your Studio Apartment

    With skyrocketing real estate prices, studio apartments, which consist of a single room plus a bathroom, are increasing in popularity all over the globe.

  • Style & Living

    How to Choose Between a Custom Home and a Ready-Made Home

    Exterior rendering of residence by BluEntCAD This blog has been updated on – April 20, 2022 So, you’re in the market for a new home. Perhaps you’re dreaming of an airy, light-filled custom home you can move into with your beautiful family. Perhaps you need a practical, central place to stay for a few months ...

    Autumn is the Best Time to Decorate Your Home

    Autumn is a warm season which brings in different colors to your lives with your favorite pumpkin and apple pies followed by brewing of hot spiced apple cider. Decorate your homes with autumn leaves to add color and brighter to this season.

    How to Winterize Your Home

    You do not neet to consult a professional interior designer for enlivening your home up. Just go with your instinct and exercise what your heart says. Go through some special approaches to decorate your home during winter days.

  • Sustainability

    Creating a Greener Workplace

    Going green at your office can seem difficult: being environmental-friendly conjures up images of taking steps such as switching to renewable energy and figuring out how to clean the oceans.

    Green Building for Residential Design

    Green building, green architecture or sustainable architecture is a design and construction practice that is sensitive towards the environment. Green building is now a popular design alternative.

    The Construction Industry: A Hidden Culprit to Global Warming

    Contrary to this belief that transportation industry is largely responsible for climate change and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, buildings are the single largest contributors to global warming.

  • Wellness

    Ten Ways to Increase Positivity at the Office

    'Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.'

    Wellness in the Workplace

    What is the meaning of wellness? Gallup and Heathway, the well-being index, describes the five key factors which help the individual's journey within the workplace.

    The Right to Light: Changing Office Design

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, absenteeism costs the American economy about $225.8 billion annually – $1,685 per worker.


Editor’s Pick

  • Singapore city

    Singapore City, Singapore. This city, now a commercial powerhouse, sprung from the ashes of a colonial past. Because it has few natural resources, it developed a keen eye for infrastructure development. Its office spaces have been decentralized to reduce congestion. It is, truly, one of the best planned cities in the world.

  • Copenhagen

    Copenhagen, Denmark. This city’s urban design helps shape the way of life of its citizens. Much of this can be attributed to the Five Finger Plan, the emphasis on cycling infrastructure, and the pedestrian streets. Copenhagen intends to be carbon neutral by 2025.

    Further reading: The Emergence of a Modern City by Henriette Steiner

  • Seoul

    Seoul, South Korea. When it comes to coping with rapid urbanization, cities all over the world can look to vibrant Seoul as an example. Taking inspiration from London, Seoul implemented a Greenbelt policy due to its population explosion in the 20th century. The 2030 Seoul Plan is one ‘decided by citizens at each step of planning‘, and includes making the city more community-oriented, lively and safe, among other things.

    Image credit: Flickr

  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam has a long history of meticulous design. In the 17th century, when trade burgeoned in the city, its now-famous canals were constructed for water management and transport. Today, public transport is encouraged, and Amsterdam is full of bicycle paths. The Amsterdam City Council has outlined a 2040 master plan that includes smart technology systems and innovative urban design.

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