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Is social media making you anti-social?

Lately, I have been watching people take photographs of themselves while waiting in a queue to get into the elevator. Is it me, or, is the non-occasion the occasion now?

We are taking photographs of birthday parties because we

Spring Cleaning Time: Tips & Tricks for your Home

Who doesn’t like to keep things in place at our private territory also known as Home? But it’s not easy. We have to nurture and maintain our little heaven from time to time. We have got some important interesting tips to keep your sweet home running smoothly by ‘Clark Wilson Builder‘.

Best EVs on the Road

We made our list of the top electric cars of the moment.

Electric vehicles (EV) were once seen as an impractical alternative to fuel version. But today it has emerged as a revolution.

Happy birthday to us.

The first of April marks the 13th anniversary of BluEnt’s operations in Houston, Toronto, and New Delhi. Time flies, doesn’t it? We had just begun in 2003, and look at where we are now! A global client base, employees operating across multiple locations, and a renewed commitment to achieving value.

Goodnight. Sleep well.

Are you looking at a mobile screen and day-dreaming about sleep? Well, you are not alone. This is the dilemma of every 21st century man and woman. Sleep is a luxury. You watch plump, rosy faces of people on TV and you think that they must have slept for hours before they got on set. But, you are so

A brief history of architectural drawings

Some of the earliest examples of architectural drawings are ground plans. The word ‘plan’ in German is ‘Grundriss’ which correlates to ‘ground cut’ in English. The history of architectural drawings dates back to the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian

Home Maintenance 101

Homes are more than brick and mortar; homes are our happy place. Like a family, a home also needs love and respect. For a long-lasting home, you need to pay attention to the needs of the home and keep an eye on things that might need occasional repair. We made a list of 15 essentials for home maintenance.

Building the economy one house at a time!

The most obvious impact of new construction is the generation of jobs for construction workers. For each new single-family home that is built, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimates that three jobs are created. As this financial quarter advances, it will be interesting to watch how new

Need furniture? Grow Some! : Gavin Munro of Derbyshire

Gavin Munro of Derbyshire just did. The Dailymail, UK, tells us that he and his wife Alice have been growing chairs, lampshades on a field in Wirksworth, 15 miles north of Derby! The couple

When modern meets period: The Insider

This month, we are smitten by this Copenhagen apartment. Soft gray and auburn accents paired with stark white walls, contemporary minimal décor contrasted with rich vintage undertones. Captured by Birgitta Wolfgang for lifestyle journal, Bo Bedre, the photo tour of the apartment is

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