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What is the future with BIM?

Building Information Modeling


Future with BIM

There is an old story about six blind men who wanted to know what an elephant was like. But, each man was only able to feel a certain part of the elephant. The blind man who touched its leg said the elephant was like a pillar; the one who grabbed the tail said the elephant was thin as a rope; another blind man touched the trunk and declared that the elephant was like a branch;

Autodesk design-led revolution : Designed to challenge and change

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We are so excited to watch Autodesk’s design-led revolution unfold. Each word of their brilliantly worded manifesto 

A team that dreams together succeeds together

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A team that dreams together succeeds together. Isn’t that the stuff CEO dreams are made of?

Well, collective ambition is possible. All you need to do is to get personal.

Most employees fail to be productive because they are clueless


In conversation with Sajeel Khanna

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At BluEntCAD, we value honest conversations. We use conversations to encourage

What’s in a cup of tea?

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To put it simply, a cup of tea is the smallest unit of choice. Decisions such as the amount of sugar, milk, and blend of leaf reflect an exercise in the power of choice. Case in point, Sheena Iyengar, author of the Art of Choosing, and a leading authority on choice theory, talks about her tea-time troubles during her stay in Japan. When Ms. Iyengar ordered a cup of green tea with sugar, it was followed by a polite refusal by the waiter with the

Are you a good follower?

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The thought of position and power appeals to all of us. But, when it comes to being a follower, we aren’t so stoked.

Who wants to be a sheep-like minion when they can be the king of the jungle? Well, think again. There seems to be an amusing truth hidden within this paradox.

Robert Kelley, who pioneered the concept of followership in…

Welcome to the BluEnt Bytes

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This is where we meet to talk about the places we travel, the things we love and long for, and the people we admire. Here, we get together to share what inspires us and to discuss and debate the things that challenge us.

Follow us, if you will, to know about what we do and what…


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