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When modern meets period: The Insider



This month, we are smitten by this Copenhagen apartment. Soft gray and auburn accents paired with stark white walls, contemporary minimal décor contrasted with rich vintage undertones. Captured by Birgitta Wolfgang for lifestyle journal, Bo Bedre, the photo tour of the apartment is

Art in Architecture



When design becomes functional, it becomes a work of art. And, we cannot help but admire it. The finalist of the CTBUH Best Tall Building Award in Asia and Australia is one such masterstroke.

At 377 feet, the Swanston Square Apartment Tower is a tribute to culture and history by architecture. And, as the jury statement points out,

What’s in your chair?



Let’s find out.


The word ‘chair’ comes from the Latin ‘cathedra’, the seat of a bishop. The first office chair was made in 1849 and was called the Centripetal Spring Armchair. It was designed by Thomas E Warren and made by the American Chair Company of Troy,

I don’t know but I’ll find out



Economists Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (authors of Freakonomics) discard another popular theory in their latest book, ‘Think like a freak.’ I am sure that you’ve heard that Í love you’ are the three hardest words known to men and women. Now, the duo has collected empirical data to prove that Í don’t know’ are, in fact, the three most difficult words to utter.

The Architecture of Radio

Inside BluEntCAD


What’s in the air we breathe? More than oxygen. It is loaded with radio signals.

And, now, we can see them! Thanks to Richard Vijgen, we have

Virtual is the new real

3D Rendering


3D is everywhere. From medicine to fashion to architecture, 3D is pushing boundaries and upsetting old limits and re-writing traditional methods of presentation.

Ever since Prometheus stole fire from the gods, man has set out on his ultimate ambition – the creation of life itself. Believe it or not, we have, for the first time, developed a way to print 3D

Top 5 tips to be more productive at work

Inside BluEntCAD


There is a difference between busy and productive people. You may have been running around all day, but if you have no results

What is the future with BIM?

Building Information Modeling


Future with BIM

There is an old story about six blind men who wanted to know what an elephant was like. But, each man was only able to feel a certain part of the elephant. The blind man who touched its leg said the elephant was like a pillar; the one who grabbed the tail said the elephant was thin as a rope; another blind man touched the trunk and declared that the elephant was like a branch;

Autodesk design-led revolution : Designed to challenge and change

Inside BluEntCAD


We are so excited to watch Autodesk’s design-led revolution unfold. Each word of their brilliantly worded manifesto 

A team that dreams together succeeds together

People, Inside BluEntCAD


A team that dreams together succeeds together. Isn’t that the stuff CEO dreams are made of?

Well, collective ambition is possible. All you need to do is to get personal.

Most employees fail to be productive because they are clueless


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