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01 Jul 2020

What are the Types of Floor Plan Layouts in Interior Design Drawings?

A floor plan layout is an interior design drawing, which is part of construction documentation. It shows a bird’s eye view of a property without its roof. Floor plan layouts allow potential buyers and investors understand the essence of a property, along with its spaces and their interactions with each other.

These 2D or 3D drawings indicate the layout of a room and the locations of doors, windows, and walls.

While interior design drawings focus on the layout of a property as a whole, floor plans show in-built components, such as bathroom fittings, kitchen units, and wardrobes in different rooms throughout a property.

Floor Plan Layouts: Why are They Important?

According to a study released by Rightmove, floor plans are indispensable elements of interior design detailing, and are among the deciding factors for real estate buyers. Over one-third of buyers said that they were less likely to enquire about a property without a floor layout drawing.

In fact, in the same study, responders also said that the floor plan is more important than the property description or the main image.

On the flip side, 42% of sellers would not hire a real estate agent who didn’t offer a floor plan initially. Adding floor plan layout drawings to your interior design drafting service can increase click-through rates from interested buyers by as much as 52%.

Construction drawing by BluEntCAD Floor plan by BluEntCAD

What are the Benefits of Floor Plan Designs?

With a good interior drafter for floor plans, you can expect the following benefits.

  1. A floor plan transforms your ideas into a visual story. This way, renovators or homebuilders have a clear idea of what needs to be done. Moreover, potential buyers and investors don’t have to worry about the construction turning out different from the blueprint.

  2. House construction documentation and designing is regulated. This means that presenting a blueprint to the concerned authority and getting it approved is compulsory before beginning construction. A simple floor plan acts as the base for developing the blueprint of the house.

  3. Having a floor layout drawing of building also aids in the decision-making process of selecting and purchasing materials. It helps you visualize what the end results will be, so you can make changes in the interior design drawings or choose materials accordingly, rather than spending money on rework post construction.

  4. If you have an accurate layout drawing in place, you can also pick out furniture, bathroom fittings, and wardrobe millwork, and ensure that they blend in seamlessly with the overall appearance of your space.

  5. With the right floor plan layouts, you can communicate better with the on-site contractors so that you plan your house better.

Interior Drawings: Types of Floor Plan Layouts

Wall Layout Drawings

This kind of design drawing is the basis of all floor plans. It is the schematic layout of walls marked with load-bearing sides, vital for changing the internal structure of a building.

Some advanced plans also include wall mounting and dismounting positions for renovation, as well as partition plans for interior remodeling.

Doors and Windows Layout Drawings

In this layout drawing, doors and windows are arranged along with the general layout. Sometimes, they are presented in a separate drawing with more details.

Such floor design drawings show the direction in which the doors and windows will open and the extent of their opening.

These drawings also provide dimensions and calculations of doorway and window holes. This helps interior designers in choosing the right glass fittings, manufacturing materials, and window frames.

Plumbing Layout Drawings

Plumbing layout is also part of the standard floor layout. It includes all fixtures in a property, such as showers, bathrooms, sinks, and toilets.

In some cases where large-scale repair or construction work is to begin, the plumbing layout shows the schematics of the piping system as well. In residential projects, floor layouts also include the sewerage scheme.

Electrical Layout Drawings

These floor design drawings include the layout of wires, devices, and units, and the location of all light sources, switches, and outlets that are necessary for creating a smart and effective electrical and lighting system in a property.

More advanced electrical layouts include visible and hidden wires as well as transformers installed throughout the space. Electrical layout drawings are indispensable for construction and are of immense importance while renovating old properties.

Furniture Layout Drawings

3D floor plan by BluEntCAD 3D floor plan by BluEntCAD

Although not a part of construction or architectural work, a furniture layout drawing is an integral part of interior design drawings. These floor plan layouts show the schematic top view of furniture, and their location, size, and shape.

With furniture design drawings, viewers can see the arrangement of everything inside a room and how much free space will be available.


These layout drawings are standard components of floor plans for all kinds of projects. You can request these plans in 2D or 3D, depending on your requirements, from a reputed design drafting company such as BluEntCAD.

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