CAD Conversion Services

BluEntCAD assists companies from various industries with CAD conversion service, using both AutoCAD and Revit. Our clients include railway, facility management, utilities and architectural companies in addition to developers.

  • We have been a key partner with infrastructure and real estate companies, regularly converting floor plans to digital formats.
  • We help with the conversion of as-built drawings and building permit plans for both home and commercial renovations. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Paper to CAD Conversion ServiceE-mail:
    US: +1 (832) 476 8459
    Canada: +1 (647) 478 5230
  • Applications of CAD conversion are still prominent in the engineering industry and there are drawings for older facilities that need paper to CAD conversion. BluEntCAD can convert 2D drawings directly into 3D models and has 3D specialists as part of our large team.
  • CAD conversion can be done for small projects, such as a set of architectural details, as well as for large projects, including healthcare facilities.
Paper to CAD conversion

BE Layered

Layers are essential to a good drawing. They are even more important while converting a paper drawing to CAD. With building design becoming more complex with technology, you should make sure your drawings are in the correct layers. It will save a good amount of time later!

Maximum Value. Achieved.

The use of highly advanced and correct CAD software is essential to CAD conversion. The latest software has tools to import PDF drawings with ease. Staying up to date adds value to BluEntCAD’s services. Our strength with CAD conversion service lies in the range of software we can use, and our workforce is well versed with AutoCAD, Revit Chief Architect.

Another BluEntCAD advantage is our very own markup app tool, which allows our clients to transfer information easily to our drafting team. The app is installed on mobile and tablets and can be taken to the site for measurements and photographs.


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About CAD Conversion Services

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