Flooring And Stone Shop Drawings

Flooring and Stone manufacturers and installers often need drawings that explain the attachment of their product to other materials. This is where BluEntCAD helps with the production of shop drawings. We clean up the layout plans and explain joinery details. Flooring shop drawings often include spaces like kitchens, washroom and public areas. Stone is usually added to bar counters, walls and exterior of the buildings. Accurate dimensioning of the tiles or stone is done to help the installers with perfect alignment of the finishes. Some dimensions, however, need to be verified at the construction site and notes explaining this situation are often marked up on the drawings.

A wide range of tiles and stones are available depending upon local materials and habitats. The construction, therefore, requires flooring and stone shop drawings for many different materials. Commonly used materials for exterior building finishes include brick tiles, stone and siding. Materials used for interior finishes range from manufactured tiles to natural stone including hardwood, laminate, carpet and vinyl. Manufactured tiles include ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles.

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Flooring and exterior finishes transform spaces by the use of elegant materials. Your designs need to be transformed as well to be converted into shop drawings. Get your drawings transformed by BluEntCAD.Get in touch with our experts to know more about Stone Shop DrawingsE-mail: cad@bluentcad.com
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Our efficiencies and processes allow us to be competitive compared to other companies. BluEntCAD has offices across US, Canada and other countries as well. This allows for low overheads and aggressive pricing structures. Our global setup also allows us to contain our costs and we pass on the pricing benefits to our clients. BluEntCAD thus provides a unique combination of quality and cost which results in Maximum Value Achieved for our clients. Reach out to BluEntCAD to inquire about stone shop drawings.

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