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08 Jul 2019

Remodeling Home : Exterior Makeover Ideas For Your House

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Revamping your house is just like shopping. Both are therapeutic and both make you happy. And renovations come with their own perks. If you’re hoping to sell your property, upgraded exteriors will fetch you better prices. Even otherwise, if you do continue living, the enhanced aesthetics will create a positive and welcoming ambiance. As expert designers, we believe that your house or your home should be given a makeover every few years.

Before you begin though, there are several considerations to take into account.

For example, what is your budget? What kind of exteriors will suit your style and your budget? Is the external weather condition conducive for your makeover choices?

There are so many things to consider, so many ideas flowing the internet, that it becomes overwhelming at times.

We, at BluEntCAD have compiled a list of top tips from our architectural design development support team which will upgrade your exteriors without a lot of hassle. A limited budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle down. Smart thinking will give you better results.

Most of these are DIYs, however, seeking professional expertise is always recommended for best results.

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Let’s start with the Front Door

Your front door is your entry to the outside world. Its choice and style speaks on your behalf. There are a few essential factors which you must take into account before you change the door design.

Think how you want your front door to appear to your friends and passersby. What should give someone a reason to knock on your door? Keep in mind that the interior settings appear only when your guests enter your front door.

It’s a lot of pressure for just one door, but it can be managed.

Maybe all you need is just a quick touchup with new paint. Or, you need to replace the entire thing. Think, inspect and then take a call.

If you are going for a new coat of paint, then consider classics. Red, black, green, white and grey are always in vogue. Lately, people have been experimenting with vibrant colors such as Pantone’s Living Coral to add a more individual appeal to the exteriors.

Before you settle on a particular color, also consider what color doors your neighbors have. You don’t want to be the odd one out, instead of being unique.

Also, is your home brick? Or stone or paneled? Consider the exterior which will go with your door.

If you’re thinking total upgrade, then custom door designs with glass panels are a good idea. Or you can go with polished, galvanized steel doors for a sleek finish. Whatever you select, ensure that it enhances the overall curb appeal of your house.

Learn more about Architectural Walkthrough Services.

Build a Rocking Porch

A porch will probably be the most expensive makeover for your house exteriors. But, all the expenditure will be worth it. We promise. You can increase the value of your house manifold with just this upgrade.

A good, solid porch not only adds character to your exterior space, but can also double as a handy storage space. Remember those porches they show in the movies? Complete with dreamcatchers, plants, swings and rocking chairs? You can add all of that and more to create a welcoming entryway inside your house.

According to United States Census Bureau, “Experts estimate more than 60 percent of today’s new single-family homes are built with what The Wall Street Journal is calling ‘the friendliest place in a house– the porch. Only 42 percent of homes had a porch in the floor plan 20 years ago.

Your porch will be your sanctuary after a long as you sit to unwind and de-stress or it will be the perfect start to a brand new day as you contemplate with a fresh cup of coffee. You can relax in your rocking chair as the world goes by on a nice, cool evening or listen to light drizzle curled up on a misty monsoon morning.

Look up for ideas online or consult with local experts around you. The general idea to begin with, is to keep the space airy and light. Use neutral colors. Avoid cluttering up. When we say storage space, we mean for your old furniture to act as outside settee and not a place full of shoes, cupboards and other junk! You can have your porch, your way. Small or large, functional or just for relaxation, anyway you like. You can also add a touch of custom millwork to spruce up the space.

Light up your world

Good photographers always believe that lighting is key to a great photo. The same goes for your property too. High-quality lighting can light up your front – both figuratively and literally.

Interestingly, today’s contemporary houses have lantern-style lighting fitted on the porch or front door. Not only is your porch and entryway lit up, your exteriors get a modern appeal as well.

A word of advice would be clear away from extravagant, large lights. Unless you live in a mansion, such lights will take away the simplicity of your place and attract insects as well.

There are several options to consider in this space. You can go for smart lighting, LED lights, solar panels or manual switches which can be operated from inside the home. LED lighting is popular with both residential and commercial property owners because these are energy-savers and have a long life. Moreover, in our experience, they provide better lighting than traditional light bulbs. They also come in several different colors for you to choose from.

Trim, trim, trim

Often the most ignored, landscaping is actually the fastest way to lift up your exteriors. Flowers and shrubbery anyway beautify the surroundings and small gardens are always a welcome feature. A typical feature of the houses in America is the presence of both a front and a back garden. The emphasis, however, is more on the backyard, since this is where families spend maximum time during warmer months.

You can always take help of landscaping experts who know what they are doing. Grass-cutting, tree maintenance, weeding and raking are all essential aspects of landscaping services.

If you have a new space, you can consult landscape architects as well. A landscape architects uses landscape rendering software to create the exterior surrounding of any building including gardens, patio, courtyard, natural-looking interior functional spaces and rooftop decks.

At BluEntCAD, we have a team of 3D rendering with proven expertise in exterior 3D rendering. A perfect garden equals perfect exteriors.

Windows to the world

Window frames collect moss, mold and dust. They also bear the brunt of fingerprints and stains. Decorate all you want, but messy, dirty windows will drastically reduce your house’s curb appeal.

If you’re thinking of getting a new door for your house, you can replace your windows too. Ideally, the window design should go with the doors. You can go for bold, French windows or simple rustic windows with frosted glasses, as long as they add character to your overall setting. Custom windows can blend your unique taste to the overall appeal of your house.

What’s your name?

The most unique name to identify your house is by its number and name. There are several ways to get creative with the name and number plate. A thick, clear font with a solid color is advisable over a distinct and sturdy nameplate. There are several options to choose from and you are only limited by your imagination.

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At BluEntCAD, we are passionate about all things Architecture and Real Estate. We hope these tips were helpful to you. Share any other ideas with us and we’ll surely include it in our next article.

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