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18 Nov 2015

In Conversation With Sajeel Khanna

At BluEntCAD, we value honest conversations. We use conversations to encourage, mould and amplify each individual’s inherent potential.

We believe its better to be honest than sorry. In this conversation with our Vice President, Sajeel Khanna, … you will get a first-hand taste of the camaraderie that we share and promote at work every day.

Here’s the rapid-fire answers.

What is your leadership mantra?

Delegate and trust. If that doesn’t work, train. When everything fails, fire and hire again. (Try it at your own risk).

One word of advice for fellow leaders?

Delegate, delegate, delegate.

Image by BluEntCAD. All rights reserved.

How do you increase productivity levels?

Good coffee and clear instructions.

Who inspires you?

Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, James Spader, Google, Apple, Superman, Iron Man, dogs, cats and birds. (In that order.)

One life lesson?

Let go and get lots more.

What does BluEnt mean to you?

It makes me a BE-ing.

What’s the vision?

The blue sky is the limit.

Maximum Value. Achieved.

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