BIM Clash Detection

The BIM capabilities at BluEntCAD evolved many years back, when we got involved with a commercial project in New York. The scope included clash detection and reporting, which have since been key service offerings of ours in the AEC industry.

  • Clash detection typically involves importing 3D models from various disciplines and running interference reports.
  • The architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical models are aligned before reports can be generated in Autodesk Navisworks.
  • We are involved till the clashes have been resolved and are often required to rerun clash reports. This involves coordination with the contractor or the project manager.

Many of the clash detection requests we get are from general contractors or subtrades and are a part of their agreements. We can review bid documents to ensure the model complies with specifications during the clash detection process. We have run clash detection on healthcare, institutional, office and high-rise residential projects. Get in touch with our experts to know more about BIM Clash DetectionE-mail:
US: +1 (832) 476 8459
Canada: +1 (647) 478 5230

BE Resolved

The resolution of clashes is important for any project. We assist in resolutions in the areas of concern in any structure and thereafter coordinate with subtrades and contractors for a final integrated model.

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Experience on large scale projects is one of the key strengths of BluEntCAD. Experienced modelers that have worked on complex projects are assigned to create individual models in Revit. Projects such as hospitals require attention to detail, as they have many services that could be a potential for clashes. Our experience with large-scale projects helps us identify and resolve these clashes.

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About BIM Clash Detection

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