Construction Drawings

When BluEntCAD started with the construction drawing service, we thought it was primarily design and construction oriented. While this may be true, we soon realized that we could setup a business process that caters to this service. BluEntCAD now works with many home builders and architectural companies creating construction drawings for homes and commercial buildings. We have managed to master the drafting of the elevations and work out the roof pitches. The sections in our drawings are often well developed as a result of our expert knowledge of materials and joinery details. While we leave the building code check to our clients, the years of experience we have has made us familiar with the requirements. We work on mechanical and electrical drawings but let the consultant work out the structural design.

Lot specific drawings are common for residential home builders along with multiple options and are part of BluEntCAD’s construction documentation service.

BE Coordinated

Coordination is key while completing architectural construction drawings. The drawing process includes multiple stakeholders such as architects, structural engineers and other consultants. The plans, elevations and sections need to be coordinated as well because they refer to each other in different sheets.

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEntCAD has over fifteen years of experience creating construction drawings for the top 20 home builders in the United States. As a result we have developed strong processes and quality standards for the drafting. Quality control is usually a three step process which includes peer to peer checking and quality checklists. We develop the checklists based on our experience and from the standards provided by our clients. Site and foundation plan, electrical and MEP drawings are all checked for accuracy. AutoCAD layers and dimensions are consistent with the template files provided. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Construction DrawingsE-mail: US: +1 (832) 476 8459 Canada: +1 (647) 478 5230

The most successful and widely used business model for construction drawing has been the studio. This model allows for the use of dedicated resources and hence retention of knowledge. Ask for our Studio Model when you call us!

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About Construction Drawings

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