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12 Jan 2018

Exploring The 3 ‘Trending’ Principles Of Construction Documentation

The creation of construction documentation or blueprint is a way to dig deeper and understand the minute details to the design. It has been adding immense value and effectiveness to the project by offering multiple benefits.

When you look at an apartment in a building, you don’t see it as 2 rooms, ome kitchen, one living room. Yes, they are different elements coming together to create one whole space. However, they are all interconnected. Similarly the different parts of the design documentation tend to mingle together and it cannot be seen as two individual parts.

Hence, the CD sets include all kinds of details and specifications in the form of working drawings that is connected to the design – from materials to be used to even the bidding process. At the end of the day it is a part of a contract which is highly detailed, informative and accurate. It will display a plethora of details that includes both interior and exterior elevations – every step leading to how the structure needs to be put together.

The architectural construction document is therefore a detailed plan of working drawings which includes the final output. It incorporates the steps of programming, site design, schematic design, and design development. Today, all architectural firms are integrating technology with the construction documentation process that intensifies the efficiency and accuracy of the entire construction process – from its inception to its completion. There have been plenty of digital photographs, webcam or videos being used these days for documenting the construction project.

The CD sets have helped BluEnt in completing many complex projects and renovations successfully in the most cost effective ways. The BluEnt experts have thus highlighted 3 ‘trending’ principles of construction and design documentation that will form the core of the entire construction process, even in 2018.

Hiring construction documentation experts:

The detailed drawings cannot just be created by anyone on the construction team, even if they have years of experience. The CD sets at BluEnt are always managed and created by a team of ‘expert’ professionals. The working drawings are the most accurate set of information which can definitely assist in delivering very successful projects. However, not to forget it can completely destruct and damage the project incase of the smallest of errors. Even a minute error in the construction project can entail a huge loss. The technological advancement ensures that the team is trained and skilled in handling the documentation work effiectively.

Bringing about a higher level of organization:

Technological influences to the construction documentation process have made a huge difference to the way information is shared. The digital presentations are now accessible to everyone on not only paper but also the devices they carry. So, even when working from different locations everyone is on the same page. The digital accessibility and flexibility of making changes online – is the biggest asset to the construction projects. It ensures that everyone has updated information, then and there, and this allows a high level of effectiveness and lower number of errors during the construction project.

The availability of right skills and knowledge at worksite:

Though the construction documentation is not rocket science for the workforce, the contractors and builders need to have a skilled workforce with the right knowledge to carry out the process successfully. The access to construction documentation at the property sites enables these skilled workers to solve any emergency without any delays, at a faster pace and with almost no extra costs.

BluEntCAD has the right expert professionals who can create superior quality architectural drawings that can help in addressing the unique challenges that comes with every unique structure. Using the above principles we have delivered many successful and cost effective construction projects. Write to us to know how we can help you in your next project.

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